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One Reason Close

Strategy: One Reason Close

Prospects usually have lots of reasons not to buy. If you let them, they could spend all day giving you tons of reasons. You need to find one reason that, if dealt with, will motivate them to action.

  • I know there are a few reasons you may not buy today, but what is the one key reason that’s holding you back? The one major issue.
  • There are 50 plus reason, you may not buy the program, but what is the one reason, that is hold you back.
  • If there was something holding you back what would it be?
  • Lots of folks say it is money or time, but for most folks it is FEAR. What is holding you back.
  • In rooms like this, I hear all kinds of excuses, time, money and fear. You know it is really not about any of those things. It is really whether you are committed to success. What is your level of commitment?
  • What stopping you right now?

The resulting answer is the only one you’ll have to overcome. Always remember, after dealing with an objection, always close…….

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