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Internal or Externally Motivated

Strategy: Understand the Internal vs External sorter

When you are speaking with individuals it is important to realize how the “sort” information. How they value information and accept statements. Basically, there are 2 types of personal sorts. People either value their own opinion most, or other peoples opinions first. Perhaps even multiple “other” opinions. Personal opinions, and statistical information.

External sorters are relative easy. Testimonials, and even your opinion are important to them in making a decision. They may need multiple references (several opinions). Using third party information, statistics, and information works well with these folks. They like the group process.

The internal sorter is a little tougher. You have to let them make the decision. So, giving them options is a better strategy. They want, need to be in control and make the decision.

Internal sorters look within for the answer. They want to make the decision themselves. Often, they go against the flock. They like to be the leader. They react violently or aggressively if they are told what to do. They are a lot tougher to sell to until you learn how to use this pattern.

You can usually recognize them by the following statements:

It doesn’t feel right.                               It’s not for me.                     I don’t care what other people think.

What’s it going to do for me?              What’s in it for me?             I don’t care about what he says.

So what….

Strategy: Give control and decision-making power to an Internal verification pattern.

You might use language like:

Only you can make the decision.                   I can only give you the information.

You know what’s best.                                   You’ve got to decide, not me.

These statistics are important, but only you will know if it’s right or not.

Hey, you tell me what you need to make the right decision.

External Patterns: Individuals who need external verification absolutely need to be told to buy. They are looking for direction. They tend to follow the flock. So, if you can give them social proof — testimonials — and a strong personal recommendation, they are sold. You can recognize them by these types of statements:

What do you think?                     What do others think about the product?         Do you use it?

What other companies use it?     Who else has it?                                            Do you have any research?

Strategy: Use numbers, statistics and testimonials to convince an external verification pattern.

You can influence these folks with statement like:

4 out of 5 people do this….               The trends are….                  Check out these success stories.

You must do this…                               We were just written up in     Fred said this about our product.

Remember it is not important what you think or how you process the world. It is important for you to understand your friends, family, clients or prospects pattern. You will improve your communication and results.

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