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Rough and Tough! Faith!

Life can be tough. Whether it a financial hardship, emotional event, or just the grind of making money, looking after family, and balancing your life. IT can get rough. When it gets Rough, that were you have to get Tough. Yes, you need to put your noise to the grind stone. Work extra hours. Look for creative solutions. KEEP positive.

Look we all have losses, we all have emotions that don’t support us (anger or frustration), we all get caught up in negativity or over whelm. Thoughts like I will never get out of this, or I am DONE. Screwed. That is the moment, I believe you have to turn to FAITH.

Now some of you are going, OH NO not the God thing. Well sort of. May definition of Fatih is a little different than others. In my times of stress. My times of frustration. My times of LOSS. My times of an unknown future. I go to a fundamental belief system I hold to be TRUE. I must have FAITH. But my faith has 3 elements.

  1. Faith in God. I absolutely believe in a high power that works with you to govern, your life. Since I have looked at many religious beliefs (Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, Muslim). Plus had my own consideration of: do we create our future, or is it in the hands of god. Is GOD a vengeful God. Yes, I was brought up Catholic. DO we create our future. Is there a power, that controls destiny, a super conscious, 🙂 MY definition of God, has changed. In particular after reading a book in my youth, called Three Magic Words, buy US Anderson. GOD is a power (force) we work with to create our future.
  2. Faith in Self. Faith without works is DEAD. You have to have faith, and take action daily toward your dreams, and goals. You can’t just hope things get better. You can’t just pray things get better. You have to take some sort of personal action for things to get better. Take action to get out of financial turmoil. Take action to improve or get rid of a poor relationship. Action is key. You are magical, if you take action.
  3. Faith tomorrow is Brighter day. The gray clouds will part and the sun will come out. It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. Sooner or later your life will get better. If you believe it will.

So. If you are have a rough day, or time. Get tough with yourself. Get discipled. Take action. And know, GOD and tomorrow will shine on you shortly.

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