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3 Day Checklist

Strategy: The LIST of things you must do and deal with in a workshop.

Ok. I have been working with “newer” speakers. And it appears, a few of them (yes all of them), forget some of the little things, that cause issues and problems. One of them asked me for a checklist. Now intuitively over time, I have a mental checklist, but thought I would try and put it on paper.

  • Build rapport in the first few minutes and hours. They must like you. Similar values, events, and life. Later you must build envy and link your success to education, mentorship, and coaching.
  • Deal with the major objections. Time, money and fear. Plan them in each section. A simple plan that has worked for decades in each section:
    • Teach, Data, and System. The knowledge or strategy.
    • Story or Example. Usually ending in making money.
    • Deal with objection. If u have 8 sections, deal with 8 objections.
    • Close or step closer to buying. Commitment. Destroy a negative belief.
  • Show them how to come up with the money. 401k, life insurance, love account, peer to peer, and more.
  • Create doubt their plan is working (retirement, job, investing, stock market, doing yourself).
  • Attack doing it yourself separately. It is a major piece to crush. I will try… If you Try U Die.
  • Build up your team. Consistently over time. Link to them. Get them involved. Make them the expert.
  • Mind read student experience. What thoughts are happening in their head. They make the decision on day 2 evening. Give them a plan to deal with the emotions, and thoughts. If you can’t u must.
  • Deal with the FEAR element. Not once but over and over. “take a step”
  • Pre frame negative internet. Minimize the effect. Perspective 55 negatives on 20, 000 people.
  • Kill the networking, and local experts. One of them can destroy your sales.
  • If you respect time, follow your commitments, they will. Lead by example. Start on time. Stay focused.
  • STOP taking questions. They detract from your message. Get them to them write down, wait till the end of a section. I have watched a speaker or two answer dozens of questions and lose 75 minutes (just answer questions). This actually, reinforces questions. If you take dozens of questions, you are not in control. You have given them the power.
  • Deal with the Spade (driver) and Club (analytical) early. They need data and results early. In fact, keep all 4 styles in mind, as you present. You might make sections specifically for social styles. Best if you do all 4 social sytles.
  • You must know, 5 closes and use them. Stagger them over time. Not all a once.
  • NEVER take a question in or near your pitch (sales presentation). It is too easy to get distracted or off your flow.
  • Link to brochure and advanced training every hour. You should be doing 5-7 minutes in each teaching section. Not one big pitch for 2 hours. Break the product down into 8 pieces (day 1 and 2). The major pieces for decisions.
  • Develop co dependence. To be successful you must have our help. There are seven steps, are the first 4……
  • Stay away from sensitive subjects. Politics, religion, ethnic, and jobs. If u attack them, give them an out. A good example is a financial planner. I trash them, but always give them an out. I was one. I am reformed. There are good ones and bad ones. The good ones do this… It is not them, it is the system.
  • Internet LIVE examples are risky. Internet problems. Updates. You do not really know how to use. I would suggest, you do general screen shots, then go live at the end. So u get the message no matter what. Plus I would always test it the night before, or am, and specific examples, that you know work. No guessing. You look unprofessional, and incongruent, if you cannot find or do what you said you can do. An excuse (this is my demo account) does not help.
  • Day 3. Shorten your presentations (1 hour each). Take a break ever hour. Send folks to coaches each hour. Or have a specific plan for meetings with coaches to close.
  • Mind read the negative voices. Themselves, friends, family and spouse. Kill the “broke” voices.
  • Death and destruction close. A lot of audiences need an emotional reason. A heart felt, pain or pleasure story or close. I talk about my friend who died early in life, and what he missed out on. Often people cry. Die, Cry and Buy.
  • Problem child. Deal with them. Get rid of them early. Do not let them poison your group. Pre frame “if there is a bad apple, can I deal with them?”
  • Create rewards, and punishments for behaviors. Rules. Conditions. Positive reinforcements.
  • A Bonus for taking action early. Gold Key (additional products for buying first).
  • Give clear buying directions. In particular for Sunday am, before class buying. Do not trust your memory. Have a slide.
  • Enjoy yourself. If you have fun, they will have fun. Tony Robbins said this to me early in speaking. If you entertain them, they will come back.

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