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Killing Apathy!

Take action

Apathy can kill your motivation and results.

Apathy can be categorized as: Indifference, Unresponsive, Unmotivated, Detachment, and a lack of passion and or actions. Almost paralyses folks.

It can be an hour, a day, week, a month or even longer. Progressing to disillusionment and depression. Often leading to in acton. Destroying results, and lives.

Every once and awhile, I get that feeling. But don’t let it stay long. I know, what the cost of apathy and in action costs. It cost goals. It cost money. It costs relations. We have to be able to push past this obstacle. So, here are a few thoughts for you to get MOTIVATED:

  • Associate to the COST of the attitude (if u keep apathy).. If you do not take action, if you just leave the problem alone, or try to ignore, it may cost you: Dreams, Goals, Results, Relationships, and tons of MONEY.
  • See a professional. Sometimes an outside opinion, and suggestion, can get you back on track.
  • Exercise. Physical exercise, can change blood chemistry. Often leading to positive emotions and feelings.
  • WHY? Going to the ROOT of why you are apathetic, can lead to getting over it. Notice it. Own it. Change it.
  • T List. Take a page. Draw a line down the center of the page. On the left side, write all the things, that apathy is costing you or will too (negative). On the right side, list all the positive things, that will happen if you take action.
  • Break your current routine. Some times, boring habits, just need to be interrupted. To gain a new perspective.
  • Just do it. MINE. Sooner or later, I am going to say “this is not getting the baby a bonnet”. Something my Mum use to say. To get to work.
  • Link a Reward. We generally are motivated positive or negative. So, create a few rewards for: getting that report done, working hard for 4 hours or a week. Give yourself something. Money. Time. or Toys.

Keep on track! By getting back on track!

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