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The Conditioning Close and Objections

Master sales professionals realize the power of habit and conditioning. Masters know if they can condition you to say “yes” time after time, when the close comes, you’ll be more likely to say “yes.” Usually they ask a series of easy and correct questions they know the answer to is “yes.”

For example:

  • Your name is Mr. Joe Jones? “Yes.”

  • You live at 123 ABC Street? “Yes.”

  • You have two children? “Yes.”

  • You are 55 years old? “Yes.”

  • You are married? “Yes.”

  • You are interested in buying insurance? “Yes.”

  • Do you want either $500,000 policy or $1,000,000 policy?

Strategy: Use the Feel . . . Felt . . . Found statement.

This is an old but good close that takes you from objection to close, and all you have to remember is feel, felt and found. It goes like this:

  • Objection: The price is too high.
  • Response: I can understand how you can feel that way. A few people have felt that way in the past, but you know what they found… (benefit, minimize objection and call to action).

Strategy: Turn the objection into a question you can answer.

When a prospect raises an objection, turn it into a question and be sure you know the answer. It will usually remove the objection. The question should lead to a benefit of your product.

  • Objection: The cost is too high.
  • Response: Is it really the cost or a question of the value? Our product does…

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