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Control the Sales Process

Strategy: Keep control of the sales process.

Imagine knowing the answer to every objection and every question. Imagine never being intimidated, flustered or lost. You know everything you say or do brings you closer to the sale. If you do, you are in complete control. The kind of control you must strive for in the sales call/process.

To be in control, you must:

  • Manage your personal emotions.
  • Don’t freak out if they say no; have a response.
  • Manage the emotions of your client.
  • Keep them upbeat, positive, and agreeing with you.
  • Respond to objections.
  • Plan for the objection.
  • Plan your questions and a logical conclusion to the sale.
  • Pursue a logical progression to closing.
  • Plan your props and materials.
  • Have testimonials, references, and studies ready.

Strategy: Listen 80% of the time, talk only 20% of the time.

The biggest error young sales representatives make is they talk too much. They feel it is necessary to carry the conversation or make a sales presentation without input from the client.

Your presentation should build slowly, with a tremendous amount of input from the client. The best strategy is to do brief introduction (a purpose statement) and then ask open questions to solicit as much information as possible.

Do not make the mistake of talking yourself out of the sale. Keep the conversation free-flowing and open.

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