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Give the PROOF

Acceptance of Your Product or Benefit

Once you have positioned your benefit, you will want to check and be sure it is accepted. The best way of ensuring your benefit is accepted is to use a test question immediately after the benefit is introduced. If the benefit is not acknowledged, you may have to provide proof or look for another, more powerful benefit to introduce.

Strategy: Give acceptable proof if the customer is skeptical.

If the prospect is not convinced, make sure you have professional backup or proof. Keep a list of clients. Keep letters on file. Create a testimonial book to give to salespeople. Have companies do evaluations of your service and have the results on hand for distribution.

Acceptable Proof

  • Letters from existing clients and customers.
  • Videos on
  • A list of current clients.
  • Articles in journals or newspapers.
  • Physical demonstrations.
  • Reports and statistical analysis.
  • A sample.
  • Professional designations, company history, public status. 
  • Governing bodies. FTC, FSA, SEC, AG, etc. 
  • A personal client reference.
  • Evaluation reports.
  • They work, use them!

Call to Action

The purpose of your call is to sell. Both during and at the end of the session, you must gain a commitment to action. Take the individual to the next level of the sale. Each question, each movement, each element of the presentation must lead to action. It may not be the exchange of cash, but it should bring them closer to the exchange. It could be a free assessment, an hour of consultation, the filling out of a needs profile or questionnaire, a test drive, a 30-day free test of your product. What is the next step?

  • Another meeting?
  • Meet with the boss?
  • A test?
  • A sample order?
  • The purchase order?
  • Letter of intent?
  • Questionnaire?
  • Order Form? 
  • Letter of Intent? 

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