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Hidden Problems and Desires

Sooner or later, every salesperson comes across a client who seems to have no apparent need for his/her product or service. In the majority of cases, it is not that the client does not have the need, but that they have forgotten about the need. They are simply unresponsive. (Usually a defense mechanism to avoid being sold.) Or, perhaps the client believes they are happy with an existing product.

Your responsibility in this situation is to help the client remember his/her problems: to create some level of dissatisfaction and uneasiness, or to use specific wounding questions to hurt them. It is ok. You will help them later.

The strategy is looking for common problems that you know your product can address, and then pointing them out to people through questions. It is important in the process to ask if they want to solve the problem. This is the reason for the controlling question, rather than pointing out the benefits. You need for them to confirm they want to change that situation.

For example, below you can see how to respond to life is Ok or I am doing well:

  • Wounding Questions:
    • Most Americans lost 30-40% of your retirement account in 2007/2008
    • Are you really happy with 7-9% on average in a Mutual Fund.
    • Many folks are going to send their kids the college down the street, rather than the college of their choice because they cannot afford the tuition.
    • Life is good, but the real question is could it be a lot better.
    • Are you sure you have enough money to survive retirement.
  • Benefit or Desire I can address: Not doing as well as they really want.
  • Controlling Question: If we were able to show a way to get 20, 50, 100 percent better returns, would that be of interest to you?
  • Benefit or Desire I can address: One of cool things about foreclosure properties is…….

Just a side note. One of the things I have notice is some times the people who have money do not buy. Sense of urgency if often missing for them. They are not affected by the “bonus”, or rush. With these folks use GREED or NEED.

NEED: They want more time. They need bigger deals (not wholesale).

GREED: If they have 2 million, they want 5 million. But you have to show it to them logically. A complete plan from A to Z.

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