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Staying in Peak State

I use to manage salespeople. Telemarketers, Direct door to door, and B2B sales folks. I would notice, when we first brought on new folks, they often did fantastic, but over weeks and months, their performance would drop off. Some of them if we could not correct the problem, we would have to terminate them. It perplexed me. Because often one or two of the new folks would be on the leader board for a month or two, then fall off. After working with these folks, and some times having to do exist interviews. I undercover a regular pattern. It really involved 2 fundamental beliefs, that you have to have to be successful over time.

  1. Faith or belief in the Product. 
  2. Personal transfer of Emotions.

Product. When folks started they had faith in the product. Either because they used themselves or because they did not know any better. BUT over time, they heard negatives. They hear about competition. They heard about problems with the product. OR customer service stories. Therefore their faith in what they were selling was shaken. Do you thinks this might mess with their desire to sell? Yes.

Emotions. When they first started the were excited. They were passionate about the company and product. They were glad to work. Motivated to get others involved in the company and product. They lost their energy over time.

Therefore, how do you keep motivated and keep your “edge” over time. Well for me. It means, when I am getting ready to sell or speak, I have to remind myself of how great our product is (forget the flaws). I have think about all the lives we have changed. How it changed my life. How GOOD that makes me feel.

In addition I have to get in a Peak State. That might mean, I need to physically alter may state. NO not talking drugs. But I can pump myself up. Or listen to certain song that gets me excited or motivated (and play it). Lets get this party started.  Those of you that know my play list, know this song plays at 9:05am. Time to start.

I also, know, that the mind can wander, and I need it to be focused, at game time. Their for I say to myself. EPIC. A mantra…… EPIC, EPIC, EPIC. Which kills all other self talk by the way. EPIC means.

E. Energy. Selling is the transfer of emotion.

P. Passion. Passion for change, Passion for your product, Passion for students.

I. Influence. Use every skill. Use your tools. If they are in front of you. They want a change.

C. Closing. Agreement frames. Mini agreements. Anchoring actions. ASK for the Order!

Not sure, what your self talk is before you present, or pitch. But take control of your beliefs, self talk and emotions. Create a positive environment. And expectations.

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