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The Power of YES

Listening to my friend Marshall Sylver, do a webinar, and heard “No one gets more by saying no, they get more buy saying yes”. So, what is he doing, well I have not talked to him, but I would suggest, he is creating a reward, buy saying YES, and reinforcing (Yes I deliberately but the word buy, instead of by in that sentence). Influence can happen at a subconscious level.   So how do you do use type of pattern.

First, create a reward (or series of stacked rewards) associated with the word yes.

Second, create pain with the word no (loss, pain, poor, etc).

Third. Ask a question or that reinforces the desire to say yes.

Let me give you an example.

“How many of you want more gold in your future than your past”? How many of you want more fun, more joy and more adventure? How many of you want better relationships? I have found that more money can often improve relationships. How many believe this to be true? say yes. How many of you say the MOVIE yes, with Jim Carry? Every time he said NO, his life was a mess. In fact many of you say to NO to opportunities all the time that could change your life. When you begin to say yes to possibility. When you begin to say yes to choices, you life changes. It gets better. In fact the only way you can live your dreams, is to say Yes to them. How may people agree? No wins by saying NO. NO changes their life by saying NO to Change. Don’t let NO cost you your dreams. Now how many of you are ready to take action, and say yes to new opportunities? To live a life of adventure, fun and prosperity.”

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