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5 D’s in Life

The 5 D’s in Life

I have had some great mentors, whom have given me outstanding advice, guidance, business, financial and personal success. #Tony Robbins, #Brian Tracy, #Charles Givens, #Ken Blanchard. All have contributed to my life and prosperity. Many have a values, beliefs, and philosophies, that can make a difference in your life an achievement. Some where along the path I learned the Five D’s of Success in life. Thought I would share them.

Dream. Most of us get “scripted” by school, parents, or society, to fall in to a mold. The mold is often results in the 40/40/40 plan. Working for 40 or PLUS hours a week, for 40 years, only to live on 40 percent for the rest of lives. MAN, that plan SUCKS! That Dream is often a nightmare! Ask someone living it. You have to have a better plan. You have to have bigger dreams. You were meant for something greater than a poor retirement. It is time to DREAM again. Time to believe again. Travel the world. Build a successful business. Make more money in real estate and stock investing than you ever thought possible. Own the Porsche or airplane. And it all starts with dreams.

Decide. Decide that you are worth of those dreams. Decide you invest the time, capital, and energy to live them. It is in your moments of decision, your destiny is forged. You can make the path, filled with gold or pennies, that is your choice. Choice decides destiny, not fate. Decide to invest in yourself, your education, your new business, your destiny.

Dare. Too many people live lives of quiet desperation. Never giving it all. Never reaching their true potential, because they played it safe or were afraid. Fear control destiny. It is time to confront fear, make it your friend, and get past it. On the other side of fear, and taking a step forward is success. You have to dare. You have to risk. You to put some money on the line. Nothing great is accomplished with daring. And failure is part of winning. Dare to be Rich. Dare to be More. Dare to be Great!

Do. Nothing gets you their quicker than the right plan. A series of steps to get to success. Many folks will try to find the path. I found it is easier to buy the treasure map, than create one. Mentors make the difference, they already know the path, and pitfalls. Take the steps, but don’t try to figure it out yourself. Know were the gold is and how to get there rather trying to find it yourself.

Determination. There will be obstacles, failures, and tribulations. Nothing great is accomplished with out some blood, sweat, tears, and >>>>>> FAITH. Faith in self. You can do it. Faith in God. There is plan for you and it is not wandering the desert for 400 years. Faith tomorrow will be a brighter day. BUT only if decide to take the step.

Some quick thoughts for your continued SUCCESS!

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