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Framing the Close

Some folks go straight into their close. Some get the audience ready with a series of Agreement Frames (one of my favs). Things like:

  • We have done a day and half. How many of you are being to see the opportunity in property?
  • How many of you see that doing a half dozen HMO could get you financially free in less than 2 years?
  • How many know in their heart that property the solution. It can get them to financial freedom?
  • How many are truly committed to make a change in their lives, both themselves and your family?
  • If u are truly committed. Truly know in your heart and soul that this is the path. You are a 10 on scale of 1-10. Stand up now. 50% usually.
  • Of you folks that know this the path, how many realize they might need help?
  • How many of you are thinking of join our team, at some level put your hands up nice and high. Wow. X of you?
  • CLOSE. Well I like to reward action. So, for 10 of you, the first 10 of you that takes action at this break, in the next 30 minutes. I am going to give u a little incentive or bonus. First for 10 of you, I am have in my hand here a coupon for price discount. Up to 30 percent off. And for 5 you that make decisions today, or before 9am tomorrow, I have this Gold key…..

You can also, set up the close, by having a series of statements, or trial closes through out the presentation, with the close in the mind. Think of these as a “tease” for the close. For example through out your presentation (to build anticipation), you might say:

  • Later, in my presentation I am going to reveal something so exciting, so dynamic it will change your lives for ever.
  • What I am going to talk about next, can change your lives. Bring more gold in your future than your past.
  • In just a few minutes, you are going to witness an incredible offer. Try to resist it and you will fail.
  • But wait that not all, there is more……
  • What I am going to share next, will make your life easier, richer and more rewarding.
  • For those of you that are ready (let me see who you are again), it is time to take action. To make your life a masterpiece, in the next 90 days.
  • Look i showed you 5 strategies, any one of them can replace your job income this year, And now I am going to literally tap 100’s of strategies and have support to accomplish all your goals in life.
  • Olympians, have a saying “Go for the Gold”. Isn’t it time for you to stop just running without a purpose, and Go for Gold? To have more gold in your future than your past. To give more your family and loved ones. To make their lives easier, and more dynamic.
  • If you want to be wealthy or rich, you have  to folks on the solution, not the problem. For many of you, you will never figure it out yourself, you need a coach, a mentor and specialized knowledge. The package……
  • We talked about it for (2 hours, 3 days), you have make decision to change your life, You have to pull the trigger to make money. And you need education. Strategies. Let me show you how a decision in next few minutes, can make your life a master piece. And put you on the path to your dreams and goals.
  • Coming up in a few minutes, is an opportunity of a life time. I mean it can literally, change your life for ever. Who is ready, for a change? Who wants a change?

Any time you use a tease, it can build anticipation. And anticipation is a good emotion. You can do this a speaker, or even a sales person. Let us say you are a coach.

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