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Leverage Value Close

Leverage closing uses the power of a prospect’s values to sell them. First, you must know their values. Second, decide if you are going to make a positive statement or a negative statement. Positive to point out the benefit of your products or services. Negative, how not purchasing the product or service go against their values (they will lose out).

Let’s say you pride yourself on being intelligent and making sound decisions. This might be a Club personality. Someone who needs to correct/right.  OR a spade (driver) personality, who wants to win. How do I make a statement, that appeals to his or her major value (positive or negative).

What kind of impact does the following statement/close make?

  • All the bright, young executives are buying this product, you’d be crazy not too. Don’t miss out or make the mistake of not going ahead. I know you’ll want to get it, before for use on Monday, right? (Spade Personality).
  • You might not be the right time of person, for this program or even qualify. Only those are truly committed to success, make this important and life changing decision. (Spade). He or she will likely be pissed, but motivated. They need to win. They will say to themselves “what do mean I don’t qualify or its not for me?”
  • Only people with sound judgment buy this product. Others don’t have the good sense to go ahead. How many did you want, two or three? (Club Personality).
  • You are making the mistake of lifetime. Missing out on a golden retirement, and life changing event. (Club).
  • You do not want to be all by yourself trying to figure this out. Better we walk don’t the path together. Working on deals together. Do you agree. (Heart Personality).
  • Investing can be a very lonely business. Relying just on yourself. It is always better to be part of a group. Our network supports our clients/students.  (Heart).
  • Well stay at home is pretty boring. Don’t you want to come to our fun flipping camp. We actually go out and look and property. It is in Las Vega always a fun city….. (Diamond).
  • The trainings are much better live, than on video. You get a chance to participate. The excitement of group interaction and learning. They are a lot of FUN. (Diamond)

Pick any value, and position not buying the product as negative. You try!

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