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Need a Second Income Stream? OR want a better ROI on your investments? Consider Learning to TRADE

The average rate of return, over a 100 years in the stock market is about 7% a year. Not terrible, but not GREAT. A few well chosen strategies (that are simple), can give you a much better result.

Dogs of the DOW. A simple once a year balancing of your stock holdings. AND only 5 or 10 stocks. Dogs has done approximately 18% per years, since 1973. A GREAT strategy, for passive investing.

Now if you want to do better, consider Covered calls and or Credit Spreads. they are a little more active, but not much. and can earn 18-30 percent (covered calls), or over 50% WITH SPREADS.

I have two programs that basically teach: Covered Calls, Credit Spreads, and some basic directional trading.

Self Study: $ 997

Personal one on one $ 9997. 2 days in your city.

Interested? Check them out at

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