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Order Blank Close

One of the most effective closes is simply to begin entering the order information. No questions, no “yes” or “no,” just a casual start of filling in the order.

In fact, one of my speakers, always carries an order form on a clip board. He often as he is talking to someone, just hands them, the clipboard with the order form on it, and says. You will know the right thing to do.

If some one walks to the back table, I usually say to them “ just start filling out the top of the agreement and then we can talk about which program in a few minutes”. If they start filling out the form, you have a sale. Then is just about which program, they are buying.

Occasionally ask confirming questions (i.e., your name is …). Don’t say anything, just hand over the order and pen. People love to complete works that have been started. It is part of our nature. You might say something like: “You know the WRITE/RIGHT thing to do now” (as you hand them the pen). A little hypnotic language. J

Insurance people were/are very good at this type of close. They often ask a number of agreement questions, to get the person saying yes. Then ask a closing question. Here is an example:

  • Your names is James Smith.
  • You live at xyz any street.
  • You are looking at life insurance to protect your family.
  • You want to look after your family, after your death?
  • Based on your age and health, a 1 million dollar policy would seem to meet your needs.
  • How would you like the monthly payment to be looked after? Check or credit card?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Credit card.

Now. A question for you. Who does this type of close work well with? Which personality? Well, a club personality, likes to follow a system, and steps. So, they are good targets. Hearts, often like to keep the relationship positive, and will follow directions (you can tell them what to do). Not the best for diamonds (they don’t like following the rules, or filling in paperwork). Spades don’t like to be told either. Therefore, if I am talking to a spade, I may say to them. “I could never tell you this is the right decision for you, all I can say is based on where you are right now, you might want to consider, the gold or platinum package.” As saying that hand them the order form.

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