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Day 45. Credit Spread Trade

Monthly cash flow trade. First, a quick update on the RUT (Russell 2000). Some notes:

  • World Economy is generally good.
  • January Barometer was sideways.
  • 200/50 Moving Average is up.
  • 20/5 Moving average is down.
  • Chart is a potential M pattern.
  • Candlestick, downward piercing.
  • Sideways action.
  • Support about 2280 and Resistance 2350.
  • Remember your Alerts.
  • Testing. 1920/1910 and 2530/2540.

Update 10:07am Positions: VPUT 1910/19020 for 30 cents, and VCALL 2530/2540 for 30 cents.

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