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The Power of Faith

Jim Rohn and Jim Francis Jim and Jim Francis

No I am not going down the God route, although that can be a GREAT one. 🙂

I am taking about Faith in your Dreams. Faith in yourself. Faith the universe is set up for you to WIN. That your conscious and subconscious FAITH (belief), will help you get to your destiny.

Now some folks believe in Destiny, and others we can make our destiny. I kind of think it is a combination of both, we “influence” our destiny. A few decisions one way or the other, and we live our dreams or our nightmares.

There is a great statement in the bible, Faith without works is Dead. You just cannot hope for things to be better, you must take action for things to be better. Therefore, you can create your future. You can create your destiny.

Think about right now the pandemic has lots of folks, on their heals. Looking for a job, or government check. But there are a few folks out there, taking this opportunely (and often a lot of time on their hands), to make something great. A new business. An online resource. Helping those less fortunate. Using the “time” for a destiny changing moment. That could be you. Now is the time to:

  • Build that on line presence.
  • Try a new career.
  • Get more education.
  • Write a book.
  • Learn about wealth (Real Estate, Stock or Small Business).
  • Develop some TAX strategies.
  • Decide if WORK is for you, or Entrepreneurship.
  • Build a second or third income.
  • Rent out the garage, room, car, equipment, or house.
  • Get rid of all that old stuff (books, equipment, furniture). Clean house, and make some money on Ebay.

One of my mentors, said it well. Don’t wish for things to be better, make yourself better (Jim Rohn).

Now is the time for you to become worth more! To do more! To make a difference in your life~

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