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Oct4- Day 45 Nov Expiration

Trade day! Time to make 6-8 percent.


  • 200/50 Day Moving average is flattening, and moving sideways. Still technically and up trend.
  • 30/10 MA is up trending, and moving sideways.
  • Chart. Sideways moving for the last several months. W, M, double Pipe bottoms.
  • Support and resistance every 50, but right now RUT is bouncing off, 2200 and 2300. Traveling between support and resistance. Sideways. Perfect for Credit Spreads.
  • Little uptrend last couple days. Looks like profit taking today. After fairly big day on Friday.
  • Test: Vcall 2510/2520 for 30 cents. filled quickly. Vput 1810/1800/1790/1780 All at 30 cents. All hanging.
  • Over night markets were mixed. Should be a choppy day.

Update 9:50 Filled Vcall at 2510/2520 for 30 cents. Vput at 1810/1800 for 30 cents.

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