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Sell Yourself First!

Hey we all get a little lethargic, tired, or negative about life, or our company or our products. After all, if you hear 9 no’s, or reason people can’t do something, or negatives about a product. IT can affect you. ˜

Therefore, when ever you go into a sales situation, you have to clear your mind. Put aside the negatives, and re associates with the positives of you product, company and self. You can let little things take away your influence.

For me, I use a word, that gets me in the right frame of mine. EPIC. In the next few moments, let me be EPIC. Energy, Passion, Influence and Closing.

You might play motivational music before you start. Or listen to comedy. Or exercise or mediate to clear your mind. But rid of the negative and eventuate the positive.

YOU might even want to adopt the belief systems of top closers:

  •  I believe in my company and product.
  • I can close anybody.
  •  I am providing a valuable service.
  •  I am helping the students succeed.
  •  I know dozens of closes.
  •  My price is justifiable and great value.
  •  I need and deserve the sale.
  •  I am a great closer.
  •  I don’t need a callback, I’ll close the sale today.
  • üI can deal with a variety of people.
  • üI’m confident.
  • üI know lots of closing questions.
  • üI can get anyone motivated to action.
  • üI help people make decisions.
  • üI help people.
  • üI read customers well.
  • üI present well. EPIC: Entergy Passion Influence and Closing
  • üI always get more than expected.
  • üEveryone should have this product.
  • üI deal with objections easily.
  • üI realize 80% of sales come on the fifth close. üüI apply as much pressure as needed to get the sale
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