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Trading. Nov 1. Day 45. December Verticals

Looks like the 200/50 day moving average is crossing to the upside, after a slight down. This can mean another uptrend, watch for it. But usually when the 200/50 is crossing (in real time), you will see it go above and below. before the final direction. So nervous, it can go either way (FAST).

10/30 moving average up trend.

Mini double pipe bottom, recently.

Sideways action between 2200 and 2300. just broke 2300 so could go to 2350.

Testing 1950 to 1930 every 10 points. to see where the vertical put sweet spot is at.

Testing 2450/2400 50 points at 1.70

Remember if you do a 50 point spread you must make the gross money work out. Each side has to be equal. 10 contracts with a 10 dollar spread is 10k. 2 contracts at 50 bucks, is 10k. The dollar value needs to be the same.

The VCALL is a little problematic. Only 50 spreads after a short series of 10 spreads. Unusual but happens. If you do a 50 spread, you need to get at least 1.50 in premium. (30 cents times 5). And a 2 buck premium is equal to 40 cents at 10 dollar spreads.

Update 10:28 am. Vertical PUT at 1930/1940 for 40 cents. Vertical Call at 2550/2600 for 1.90. If you wait, likely u can get 2600/2650 for 1.50 which is further awy.

Update 10 28am Vertical Put at 1930/1940 for 40 cents. Vertical call at 2550/2600 for 1.90. Note likely you can get 1.5 if you wait on 2600/2650

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