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21 Strategies to Make Your DREAMS come true!

Jim Francis

Just a Quick Reminder from SuperSelf and SuperMind—Charles J Givens. 21 life lessons.

He is best know for his financial books: Wealth without Risk, More Wealth without Risk and Financial Self Defense. Many folks do not know, he wrote a Great Personal Development book, SuperSelf.
My first year working with Chuck, I spent promoting his SuperSelf and SuperMind. He taught some valuable lessons, about life, relationships, performance, and growth. Here are few of the messages I recall:

1: Let go your past, and design your future. Look in the rear view mirror once and while. Keep your eyes fixed on where you are going, not where you have bin. DON”T find yourself, DESIGN yourself.

2: TTR. Take Total Responsibility. Where you is, is were you is. Grow from there. STOP lamenting. Just get going. STOP moaning, just move forward. Motion, can ease the negative emotions.

3: Use loss, as motivation for action. Be inspired or get desperate. Lots of folks use a failure (a learning experience) to motivated them to greater levels of success.

4: Play by the rules or get out of the ball park. Stop moaning about why it is that way. Accept or move on. Or make your own ball park.

5: Use positive replacement. For every negative thought come up with 2 positive thoughts. Conditions the mind to look for the good in every event or situation. I was 78k in debt in my 30’s, thinking about how I would never get out of this debt. Then a strange thought happened. Maybe is not about the debt, but how I can make a large amount of money in a short time. For every adversity, there is the seed of greater opportunity.

6. Build a blueprint of your life. Dreams, plans and actions. Just finished round one yesterday. Getting them on paper. You 3 times more likely to suceed.

7: Make Goals specific and measurable. Make time lines and deadlines today to accomplish them, and put them into my schedule. I asked Chuck one day, how he was able to have 4 best selling books. He said “I write ever day, there is no question, I will have best selling books, just a question of how many”.

8: Use visualization to achieve goals. See the picture. I have small typewriter paper weight on my desk. My visual of writing a book. Never mind below the typewriter, are 4 ISBN numbers with titles. ?

9: Use sleep programing. Your goals on audio while u sleep to instill them. Good time to plan affirmations is late at night or first thing in the am (meditative or even theta state).

10: Align your goals, and values. Often they are in conflict, so you never achieve the goal. Make family part of the plan, not an after thought. I use to try and separate work life and personal life. Now I try and bring them together.

11: Use the 80/20 rules. 80 percent of your success comes from 20 of the activities. Do what is important each day. In facts schedule it, not just what is urgent. Urgent often gets done first. Schedule what is important too.

12: Use time wisely. Arrive early, stay on time, schedule success without interruptions. OMG. Turn of the phone, internet, and email. BLOCK time to do your important tasks.

13: Schedule personal time, as well as business time. I watched half my kids, soccer, lacrosse, and school events. Many of my speaker friends, did not watch any. They were out every week end teaching. I made conscious decision, to only be out maximum 2 week ends a month. I watch them grow, up. BE there!

14: Kill interruptions to your day. Phone calls, text, emails.

15: Match peak performance times to peak results you want to achieve. My mornings are rough. MUST get STARBUCKS. So, I do make work during that time. Things I have to do, but require no brain power. Billing. Shipping. Clean up. Packing. Afternoon and evening I ROCK. So, focus on marketing, selling, and writing during that time.

16: Kill dumpers. Negative people. I hate the folks, that dump on my ideas. In fact, I often walk away from them. Be positive or leave me alone. They steal your motivation.

17: Use commuting time wisely. Or just kill it. Why commute? I love my 900 sq ft office of the back of my house. The commute time is 10 seconds. But if you have drive. Have a steady diet of motivation, inspiration, and education in the car with you. U can get a PHD in your car.

18: Push past fatigue. Find tricks to keep going. I have a bad habit of starting something, and not finishing it. So, usually have 3-7 projects half done. I am making conscious decision to get one done, then do the next. Not allowed to wander, off course, until the first one is done. So. Expect the first Published book soon (I have lots of books actually–self study materials).

19: Confront fears. Act in the face of fear. On the other side of fear are your dreams. Challenge yourself.

20: Exercise each day. Cut stress. The body needs time too. Invest in your long term health with excessive. YEP me too. Just re committed. Dropped 45 pounds

21: Meditate. Relaxation. Mind Control. Hypnosis. Learn to program the mind for success. I just did 21 session on M2 Code. Millionaire Mind Code. Coming to a neighborhood near you soon.

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