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Luck or Manifestation?

LUCK? Manifestation? Desire? Universal consciousness? Devine Intervention? Destiny? Fate? God? Make the Commitment and the result will appear!

What is one of the most unusual, or dynamic Manifestation in your life. Something, you really wanted to have, be, do, or become, but there was an obstacle, challenge, you though you could not over come then, it happened anyway?

I have had a few, but one that comes to mind for me. Early in my life, and career, I went to a Tony Robbins, event “unlimited power”. And wanted to go to Certification a 2 week program, in Austin Texas a couple months in the future. I could not afford the four thousand dollars (no credit cards back then–except a BIZ AMEX), Nor could I afford, the flight (I did have some FF miles), hotel, etc.

But something he said resonated with me. “Make the commitment to your goals, and the solution will show up”. You have to be COMMITTED first. I recall something about coming to america, and burning the ships. SO. I put a small deposit on “certification” and started trusting the universe. For about a while, I tried to figure out, since i had a couple of months, how to pay the rest the fee. Eventually, I came to the conclusion, I can’t go. Can’t afford it. But it was on my mind constantly.

A friend of mine, TIM, was going to Las Vegas. I had never been. He said I could stay with him. I had some FF miles with Northwest. So I could go. And I had saved $500 (for the course) but not nearly enough. I really need 5-6k or so. What would you do? I said screw it, I am going to Las Vegas and have fun. That is where it got interesting.

In Vegas, I kept saying to myself, I really need to win 10k. But being bad at black jack, and craps. I lost 400 of the 500. Sat night about 11pm. We were flying out in the am. I sat down in the 4 queens hotel. At the giant SLOT machine. 8 rollers. It covered the whole wall. 2 ladies pulled the handle for you. You just put your silver dollar in the slot. I sat there with 6 other people, in KING chairs play the same machine. If we won, we shared the prize. About 64 dollars in, All 6 people stood up from their chairs, and walked away. I had 36 dollars left, and was tempted to leave with them. But played a couple more times.

A few minutes later, 7 of the 8 rollers, lined up. The lights started flashing, and all hell broke loose. People. Security. A crowd. I asked one of the lady queens, what did I win. She said $10,000 dollars. I was pretty happy. Then I asked what if the 8th roller had lined up. She said u would of won. 300k. I knew I should of asked to the universe for more (I need 300k. :)30 minutes later, they handed me 10k in Cash. Unbelievable.

Went to tony robbins certification. Changed my life forever. Bought some furniture. kept some cash. And just for fun. Invested with 2 other folks, in Race Horse. Lefty Louie. 🙂

PS: at the tony robins event I was offered a franchise for 20k. I did not have the money. 🙂 But signed up anyway.

Cause were there is a will, there is a way. But thats another story. for another day.

You can will success. Better if you work for. Dream. Dare and Do.

PS: I have dozens of these types of events happen in my life buy the way. So does manifestation work? I think so…..

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