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Day 45: May Expiration

Some notes:

  • 200/50 Moving average is down. Generally means a down trend for several months. If not a reversal.
  • 10/20 moving average up. Choppy.
  • Resistance 2150/2130
  • Support 2090/2100.
  • Bigger chart is sideways action after a down trend. A flag. 62-68 percent of the time, it continues in the direction it was going.
  • Short Term chart. choppy. Going sideways between support and resistance.
  • Testing 1700/1650 for 1.50. 50 dollar spread.
  • Testing 2340/2350 for 30 cents.

10:15 am. Update: Vertical Call 2340/2350 for 3o cents. After several minutes, VPUT at 1700/1650 for 1.50.

PS: Just a reminder, since I am doing a 50 dollar spread on the bottom, and 10 dollar spread on the top. the bottom and the top numbers in terms of dollar volume need to match. So if I am investing 10k. 10k would be 10 contracts of a 10 dollar spread on the top. And 2 contracts at 50 buck spread on the bottom. FYI.

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