Credit Spreads

Building Blocks of Technical Analysis

January 28, 2019

Technical analysis is based almost entirely on the analysis of price and volume. The fields that define a security‚Äôs price and volume are defined as: Open– This is the price of the first trade for the period (e.g., the first trade of the day). When analyzing daily data, the Open is especially important, as it […]

10,000 Hours to become an Expert!

September 6, 2018

Strategy: Don’t become an Expert, but Manage Experts. A lot of folks, want to become experts in specific areas, but often don’t realize the amount of time and effort involved. So, let us say, you want to become an expert in Real Estate. The quoted average is 10,000 hours of study and work to become […]

Stocks: In May Go Away!

April 6, 2018

A few of you know what this means, but for the rest stay tuned. There are a number of seasonal patterns, that happen in May. Now why am I mentioning it now in April. Well if you are an options trader, in particular a seller, you are selling options into May right now. So, a […]

Earn 6-8% per Month!

December 10, 2016

Discover How To Make Winning Trades, Generate Profit, and Easily Acquire The Skill-Set That Could Set You Financially Free for Life! Are you currently involved with the stock market? Maybe you’ve got some stocks. Maybe you manage an investment portfolio. Maybe you have an account with an online brokerage. Regardless of your level of involvement, […]

Credit Spreads

June 8, 2016

One of my key stock trading strategies is Credit Spreads. Rather then pick the market for an up trend or down trend. I anticipate the market is going to go between a range (a high and a low). Actually the market can go up, down or sideways, and I still win. Now it takes a […]