Finding Money 4 Your Biz!

February 6, 2019

I am going to do a quick and dirty reference for more money or capital. Then go into more detail for each (later). As well as, talk about business credit and grants. And remember the best time to build personal and business credit is when you do not need it.  1. Peer to peer. Peer […]

“3 Steps to Writing Good Copy that Double Results!”

January 22, 2019

Imagine how many more sales you will receive using these 3 simple steps. I am boning up on writing good copy. Reviewing all the books, self study, and educational materials in my library. Reading some great tips and gems. Always good to get out of your RUT, buy looking at other work (yes I know […]

21 Life Skills for Personal Success-Charles Givens

January 2, 2019

21 Life Strategies for 2019. SUPER SELF & SUPER MIND. One of my mentors was a gentleman name Charles J Givens. He is best know for his financial books: Wealth without Risk, More Wealth without Risk and Financial Self Defense. Many folks do not know, he wrote a Great Personal Development book, SuperSelf. My first […]

My Guiding Principles

December 20, 2018

Every generation should be better than the previous; passing on tips, tools, strategies and philosophy. My grandfather was a dock worker, my dad a professor, and I am an entrepreneur. I have invested in Real Estate, played the stock market, traded options, forex and futures, started several successful businesses, built business empires for others, consulted, […]

Dream, Drive, Dare, Do & Determination

November 30, 2018

Built this Dream Form years ago for myself. . Just happened to find it. 🙂 Most folks wish for a dream to become true. You need MORE! You have to plan for it to come true. Steps. Drive & Determination. I built this CHEAT sheet for me, but you are welcome to borrow it. 1. […]

What would the Last Jedi say to me

November 30, 2018

What would the last Jedi say, before leaving this world, and reaching the next level of consciousness. Perhaps something like: Do or Do Not. There is no Try. Don’t give a half an effort. Commit 110% to your Dreams, goals and desires. You deserve them, but need to take the steps necessary to accomplish the […]

Are you Getting Boiled to Death?

November 9, 2018

Many of us have heard the story of the frog, and hot water pane. If you try to put a frog in boiling water, they will immediately jump out (before dying). But if you put the same frog in comfortable water, and raise the temperature slowly, they will boil to death. I take that metaphor, […]

4 Beliefs that Hold You Hostage

November 6, 2018

When it comes to money, we were not given or taught and instructional book. And too often, we pick up, learn or develop beliefs about money, that do not support us on our quest to become wealthy. Some even think wealth is a Bad thing. There are 3 beliefs about money, that are in our […]

Building Multiple Sources of Income-99 ways!

November 2, 2018

Ok. I am doing a product about Millionaire Mind Code. Some of the affirmations, beliefs, and subconscious programming necessary to be successful investing. So, here is a list for you to consider: Passive Real Estate. Buying Rental Property that cash flows. Covered Calls. Own some stock. Rent it out each and every month, while you […]

Peak Performance

October 6, 2018

Strategy: Selling and Life requires Passion, Excitement positive emotions. We all know the value of keeping motivated. It is a key to success. If you can get yourself to take action, keep disciplined about prospecting, and focus, you will succeed. However, some people occasionally get off track or not motivated to take action. There is no place […]