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Pre Framing Success Actions

By using language you can create some indirect pressure by linking actions with success. The pattern is “Results” and then cause “Actions” (to get to results). Let me give you a few examples: Successful people always take action when opportunity presents itself.Only the Rich think about debt as an important goal in life.Goal driven folks never wait for success, they take action.The wealthy use systems for building long term wealth.The rich have asset protection to keep them safe.Wealthy people know the power of mentorship. They use [Read More Now...]

The Conditioning Close and Objections

Master sales professionals realize the power of habit and conditioning. Masters know if they can condition you to say “yes” time after time, when the close comes, you’ll be more likely to say “yes.” Usually they ask a series of easy and correct questions they know the answer to is “yes.” For example: Your name is Mr. Joe Jones? “Yes.”
You live at 123 ABC Street? “Yes.”
You have two children? “Yes.”
You are 55 years old? “Yes.”
You are married? “Yes.”
You are interested in [Read More Now...]

January Barometer

The January Barometer, has been fairly accurate since 1950. A tremendous history of correlation, and hint as to future direction. Basically, the J.B. has 2 parts. First, if you look at the first 5 days of trading in January, it will give you a STRONG bias as to the this years direction for the over stock market. With about a 85% plus correlation. If the market goes up in the first 5 days of trading, the market will be up for the year. If it goes sideways, then the whole year will generally go sideways. If down, then 85% plus, the market will [Read More Now...]

Establish Positive Emotional Anchors to Your Product

Strategy: Establish positive anchors to your product. The first step is to establish what emotions you need to attach to your product. I imagine you want people to feel the following about your product: ExcitementConfidenceLogicAnticipation Certainly there may be more emotions to attach to your product: pride, achievement, security, association, and others. In fact, we could have a hundred different emotions to attach to a product – the more, the better! The trick is to make the person feel these emotions and then link them to your product. [Read More Now...]

21 Super Strategies!

21 Life Strategies for 2021. SUPER SELF & SUPER MIND. One of my mentors was a gentleman name Charles J Givens. He is best know for his financial books: Wealth without Risk, More Wealth without Risk and Financial Self Defense. Many folks do not know, he wrote a Great Personal Development book, SuperSelf. My first year working with Chuck, I spent promoting his SuperSelf and SuperMind. Working on the book, and workshops. He taught some valuable lessons, about life, relationships, performance, and growth. Here are few of the messages I recall: [Read More Now...]

Create a Sense of Urgency

Strategy: Use an incentive to close the sale. People love to get something for free. It’s an unexpected bonus. In the incentive close, you feature all your regular benefits. You sell the person on your product, service or progress. At the end of the presentation, you give them a compelling reason to act today — a bonus or incentive. What additional incentives could you give your clients? Extra service (one month, six months)Better response (24 hours)10% price discount
2 for 1Extended termsFree relevant information The incentive may [Read More Now...]

Puppy Dog, Conditional, & Columbo Close

Strategy: Use the Puppy Dog Close. If you take the dog home, you own it. You are not likely to return it. Professionals know if the prospect will try it, 98% will keep it. That’s why guarantees work. Get your prospect to try it once — to take a sample, to give it a test. How can you apply the Puppy Dog Close in your business? A sample?A 30-day free trial?A money back guarantee? Think for a moment how you could get people to try your product. Strategy: Use the Conditional Close This is best used when you hear, “I need to talk to…” [Read More Now...]

The Candle Stick Says…..

There are lots of Stock Traders out there that rely on Candlestick Patterns to trade. I don’t use them, as an absolute, but do use them regular to predict direction, or give me a hint as to what is next. Predicting the next few minutes if day trading or days if looking longer term. So here are 3 quick lessons on Candlesticks. Size of candle sticks. As the market gets close a support or resistance levels. The size of the candle stick will usually shorten. A hint the run up or the run down, is coming to end. 2. Doji. The CROSS, after a run [Read More Now...]

Rough and Tough! Faith!

Life can be tough. Whether it a financial hardship, emotional event, or just the grind of making money, looking after family, and balancing your life. IT can get rough. When it gets Rough, that were you have to get Tough. Yes, you need to put your noise to the grind stone. Work extra hours. Look for creative solutions. KEEP positive. Look we all have losses, we all have emotions that don’t support us (anger or frustration), we all get caught up in negativity or over whelm. Thoughts like I will never get out of this, or I am DONE. [Read More Now...]

PS: Christmas TRADE is doing well

The Christmas trade we took in Dec is up over 30 percent, and still a week left. We are in the money. Most folk bought the March DIA 300 for around 13.50 a share. $1350 invested in one single call options contract. It is over $17.00 (was 18.00 yesterday). System says to get out on Jan 15th. But remember you can always do a Trailing Stop any time (once you are in the money). Ya. I know. GREAT [Read More Now...]

January Barometer

January Barometer is a pattern watched since 1950. It gives us “hint” as to market direction early in the year.  Always interested to see what happens in the first week of trading in January (and the first month too). There is a pattern, that has a high correlation called the January Barometer. It is a 2 part pattern. First. As the first 5 trading days going in the stock market (S&P) so goes the balance of the year. Note that is the first 5 trading days, not the actual calendar days. There is about about 85% correlation based [Read More Now...]

10% Solution for Wealth

A10% plan can build your wealth. Do you think a person earning $20,000 per year can become a millionaire? Absolutely! Anyone can do anything they set their mind to it and if they develop a realistic plan and stick to it. Let’s take a look how. John is a hard working man earning $20,000 per year in his job. Through the lessons he has learned in this course, he has learned to reduce the money he is spending on taxes, life and health insurance, health care, food, and cars. He has also learned the importance of planning for retirement and [Read More Now...]

Keep the Conversation Open and Free Flowing

Strategy: Use questions to keep the conversation open and free-flowing. General questions to discover the needs, motivation and desires of the prospect will aid in the sales process. At this point, your objective is to gain as much information as possible. Use questions that do not limit your client’s response. Keep the questions open in nature. Stay with the W questions or Tell Me questions. What are you looking for?Why do you need it now?Where else have you been looking?When do you need it?Tell me a little about what you are looking [Read More Now...]

Christmas Trade

OK. This pattern has been around for 70 plus years. From Dec 1 to Jan 15th, the DOW JONES tends to go up on average 9 Percent. Since this is a historic pattern. We can profit from it. In Fact, I just read an article by Larry Williams, from that went into more detail about the month of Dec, and addition patterns, some, winning 90 percentage of the time. But the basic pattern, can be played for success. Here is the way to play it: We are going to play an option. Options have hirer leverage, therefore we can make more [Read More Now...]

Internal or Externally Motivated

Strategy: Understand the Internal vs External sorter When you are speaking with individuals it is important to realize how the “sort” information. How they value information and accept statements. Basically, there are 2 types of personal sorts. People either value their own opinion most, or other peoples opinions first. Perhaps even multiple “other” opinions. Personal opinions, and statistical information. External sorters are relative easy. Testimonials, and even your opinion are important to them in making a decision. They may need [Read More Now...]

Trial Closes and Statements

Sales Tip 79: Trial Closes and Statements I was getting all my sales material together, and found a book by my friend Ted Thomas. A small little book with some big GEMS. Ted is a master presenter and closer. He has been doing stages for over 30 years. We believe in trial closes, and position statements, so here are few of mine (and some paraphrased his): Who wants more gold in their future, than their past?How long did it take to learn your current job, do you really expect to master “X” in 3 short days?How many of you deserve to be [Read More Now...]

Minor Question Close

Strategy: Minor Question Close The minor question close is similar to the alternative choice close. The difference is that you ask a processing question, not a choice of two orders. Is your name spelled with an “F?” As you are filling out the order form.Do you want the extra service contract?Is delivery on Monday okay or would Tuesday be better?Did you want a red tie with the jacket?Did you want to full pay and get the bonus today?Are you using a credit card or check to pay for it?Which advanced course do you want to go to first? Buy [Read More Now...]

One Reason Close

Strategy: One Reason Close Prospects usually have lots of reasons not to buy. If you let them, they could spend all day giving you tons of reasons. You need to find one reason that, if dealt with, will motivate them to action. I know there are a few reasons you may not buy today, but what is the one key reason that’s holding you back? The one major issue.There are 50 plus reason, you may not buy the program, but what is the one reason, that is hold you back.If there was something holding you back what would it be?Lots of folks say [Read More Now...]

One Good Story

Sales Tip: Good Story Close Strategy: Use the One Good Story Close. Everyone loves a good story, especially one with a happy ending. What is interesting is that we, as human beings, actually learn best through stories. It sinks directly into our subconscious minds. Stories sell! Develop some great stories to deal with objections (price, value, procrastination or taking action). Here is my story about commitment and desire. I was a fledgling sales representative working as a headhunter. The first week I did not think I was going to make it. It [Read More Now...]

3 Keys to Influence

At the core of selling are 3 keys that compel the sale: First is value selling. Providing a solution to the problem. You must ensure you stack the value to overwhelm the logical reason to buy. Second, is creating emotional and physical rewards for buying. Third., is creating pain, if you do not buy. Let me give you an example. Value. This program, can change your life. Creating 3 million dollars in value in the next 5 years. Allowing you to phase out of the 40/40/40 job, and develop cash flow from assets. Where [Read More Now...]

Sharpening the Saw

I am a student of success. Always improving my skills. I believe professional sales people must sharpen the saw regular or you are working with a dull axe. Which is tough to cut down trees. A little while ago, I spent 3 hours listening to Jordon Belford (Wolf of Wall Street). Listening to his take on selling. Here are few comments, suggests, and techniques from Belford: Get your inner game in place. You have to believe in yourself and product.Get your outer game in place. Learn the skills of sales. Number 1 be a closer. Know your product , [Read More Now...]

Develop an Assumptive Style

? Every question, comment, explanation, body movement and statement has a closing intent. It is almost an unconscious capacity; a deep inner knowledge that every action must bring you closer to the consummation of the sale. In isolating their skills and techniques, there are five major areas on which closers concentrate, either consciously or unconsciously. They are: 1. Assumption 2. Value Creation 3. Objection Reduction 4. Applied Pressure 5. Sequential Action Strategy: Develop an assumptive style and language. From initial contact to [Read More Now...]

Dealing With Student Fears

Strategy: Dealing with FEAR Students often have or create fear when making a decision. Good instructors, have set the tone for fear. For example, saying WHEN AFRAID, TAKE A STEP! But even then, students will have fears. So here are a couple of ways to deal with the fears. Successful people often had fears. But when fear raised its ugly head, they took a step forward any way. Pick successful person, and talk about their challenge. Sylvester Stalone (hundreds of rejections for rocky). Tell a story of a successful person.Probe their own past. Let [Read More Now...]

Feel, Felt, Found Close

This is an old strategy, but a good one. Essentially, you are going to agree with the prospect, and then change their way of looking at the problem. Let us say, they are concerned about MONEY. The script might be some thing like. I can understand how you feel that way. Some folks consider 30k a lot of money. In fact some of your student actually felt that way in the past. But once they joined our program and done a few deals, either wholesale or Lease with option to buy, this is what they found. The income and the big hits of cash, more than [Read More Now...]

Dealing With Think it Over

Most of the time, “Let me think it over” is a stall tactic, and not the real reason, the person is not moving ahead. Usually, it is a sign, of: Doubt, Lack of Value or Fear. There are several ways you for you to deal with this statement, or objections. Lets look a few language patterns, that can make a major difference in your closing: Question the statement. “you need to think about it?” Don’t say anything. Let them respond. Often they will tell you more information, which will allow to close.I understand, but let me ask you [Read More Now...]

A or B Close

Closing skills are the canvas we must paint on. They are the foundation for master works of art. Like art, there are many different interpretations. Some you like, some you don’t, but the true art appreciator looks at all the various styles and selects the ones that are comfortable. In this material you will find a number of closing techniques and approaches. They all work, so see which ones feel comfortable to you. Examine them all and try them out. Strategy: Use the Alternative Choice Close One of the oldest and most effective closes is [Read More Now...]

Create Deadlines for Urgency

Strategy: Make deadlines to create a sense of urgency. Sometimes prospects have a tendency to drag their feet when making a decision. The Friday close is simply a technique to create pressure on the client and get business completed by Friday. Make Friday a deadline for you and your prospect. Every Friday, you do your call back to wrap up business. ? After Friday, I can’t guarantee the same price. ? The incentive is only available until Friday. ? I only have permission to offer you this great deal until Friday. The statement creates pressure [Read More Now...]

Dealing With Money Objections

Here are some language, phrases and questions that can help with the money objections: A good question to start is always, a FINAL objection qualifier. “Let me ask you a question, if we can find the money for you, would you move ahead today?” Now they are tied down.That is the exact reason you should do this program. To ensure you have more money in future than your past. You are working the 40/40/40 plan which does not get you to wealth. You must move to 7.7.7 plan.Find the money. Well. Let us sit down, and let me see if I can help you [Read More Now...]

45-45-10 Plan to Wealth

Strategy: 45/45/10 Plan—A balanced approach to investing. 45% Cash Flow. Focus on cash flow strategies first. This builds multiple sources of cash flow. If we have more than just job income it keeps us safer. And or allows extra money to build wealth, or leverage. Strategies to consider are: Get a job. A good start, but not the only solution.Credit Spreads. Monthly income from the stock market.Covered Calls. Rent your stocks out and get paid.Rental Real Estate. Single residence, duplex or triplex.Commercial Real Estate. Mobile Home [Read More Now...]

Dealing With Time Objection

Here are some language and phrases that can help with the time objections: That is the exact reason you should do this program. To get back your time. Work only 8-16 hours a week and make full time income.Well let me ask you a question. How important is your retirement? Or walking away from working 40 hours a week. Wouldn’t make senses to spend a little bit of time now, to save hundreds of hours later, and have financial freedom?Can you afford 15 minutes, once a month, to change your finances dramatically? Credit Spreads can help you.I [Read More Now...]
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