Starting with the Internet

February 17, 2018

So. I have been gone for a while. Actually, been doing a number of workshop around the world. I was in the UK, Australia, South Africa, and all over the USA. Busy. Recently, I was with some old friends, doing a Hilton Business Workshop. We talked about starting a business, with a focus on growth, […]

21 Free or Inexpensive Advertising and Marketing Strategies

December 10, 2017

I was teaching a business workshop recently, and someone asked, If you had a limited budget for marketing what would you do? Well, I have as an entrepreneur, had limited budget a few dozen times, and the following strategies have always served me well. They WORK! 1. Write articles about related information in publications (i.e., […]

Negotiation-DR Ro

October 18, 2017

So recently, I was doing a phone interview with Dr Ro about negotiation. A few key strategies, tactics and guidelines. Buy now Button below. As a result, wanted to do something special for his students, and listeners. So gave my $497 Negotiation & Influence course to student for $ 97 USA. Great deal. Here is […]

6 Key Areas of Wealth

October 17, 2017

In my teaching across the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore and Australia, I always start with the foundation of financial success, the WEALTH WHEEL. It is a simple concept, but it keeps us focused and on track. It does not matter if you start with real estate, a job, stocks or business, the wealth wheel concepts […]

5 Ways to deal with Foreclosure

October 15, 2017

Missing payments, can lead to a NOD (Notice of Default). Usually this happens if you miss 3 payments. When the bank starts sending you legal notices, some folks just give up. You actually have a few options to consider. A Workout. Banks don’t really want the property. So, contact them and try to work out […]

Ads & Copy

October 14, 2017

Strategy: Develop solid copywriting skills Copy is a key to marketing. It does not matter if it is the web site, a brochure, a display ad or a sales letter. Copy gets it sold. Good copy has:  Effective use of grabber headlines to grab attention, and stimulate reading.  Bold copy, with exciting, and […]

11 Commandments of Success

Marketing Distinction

October 5, 2017

Strategy: Establish a strong marketing distinction. It is not enough to have a good product, service or idea. You must have a better product or reason for people to buy your product. We call this Marketing Distinction. A compelling reason to use your product and not the competitors. If you think of solid companies, they […]

Credit Repair 2

October 1, 2017

Once you have the report, look for errors. Correct all information that is wrong. Common things to look for are: Social Security Number Address changes or incorrect Bankruptcy older than 10 years Delinquencies 7 years or more. Debts that are not yours. Duplication of accounts. Whether you are on line, or off line (paper), you […]

Credit Repair 1

September 12, 2017

Strategy #1. Check Your Credit Scores Once Year. There are basically 3 credit bureaus that track credit rating. Although all use different terms (beacon, emprica, Issac Risk), they basically track: amounts, payment history, activity, type of credit, days late, number of accounts, who gives your credit, if open, or closed, and use of credit. The […]

7% Per Month

Failure is a Key to Success

August 5, 2017

The road to success is often paved with failure. There are thousands of success stories about folks, that went from failure to failure, just to be a GREAT success in the END. You never know, where a failure may lead you. Perhaps to the destiny you imagined. Perhaps another story. Failure actually does a lot […]

Dealing with “I will think it over”

May 1, 2017

Most of the time, “Let me think it over” is a stall tactic, and not the real reason, the person is not moving ahead. Usually, it is a sign, of: Doubt, Lack of Value or Fear.  There are several ways you for you to deal with this statement, or objections. Lets look a few language […]

Change Beliefs.

March 16, 2017

Here is what you do to change your belief system. Yours or Thiers: Identify the negative belief. Create doubt that the belief is true, necessary or serves you. Create the opposite belief. Justify the opposite belief. Create a positive reward associated with the new belief. Another key element is to check and see if there […]


Social Styles

February 23, 2017

Research indicates there are four types of people. The Social styles identified by Dr. Merrill (driver, analytical, amiable, and expressive), were an excellent beginning for me. But I found them a little restrictive, and as I evaluated individuals noticed some additional distinctions. I color coded the social styles, red and black, and use cards suits […]

4 Steps to Ads

February 22, 2017

A good ad grabs attention quickly. A functional ad uses features and benefits to sell with a unique combination of emotion and logic. Great ads have a strong call to order. An offer, or specific action. In fact the skill of writing a good “ad” also can be used for writing a brochure, flyer or […]

TEA Principal

February 21, 2017

One of my mentors said, “Jim. Do you cut your grass?”. I answered “yes.” He then said, “That is the reason you are not rich.” What on earth was he talking about? The answer was simple. Either you invest time, or you spend time. I was spending time. Spending time on the wrong activities and […]

The 5 D’s in Life

February 19, 2017

I have had some great mentors, whom have given me outstanding advice, guidance, business, financial and personal success. #Tony Robbins, #Brian Tracy, #Charles Givens, #Ken Blanchard. All have contributed to my life and prosperity. Many have a values, beliefs, and philosophies, that can make a difference in your life an achievement. Some where along the […]

13 Negotiation Stratgies

February 18, 2017

Here are 13 tips and tricks you can use to strategize a successful negotiation 1. Good Guy/Bad Guy One of the oldest tactics in negotiation is the good guy/bad guy routine. It can be done when you have two negotiators-a team of negotiators. One negotiator acts overbearing, aggressive and pressuring while the other acts compassionate, […]

Selling: Takeaway Close

February 16, 2017

People hate to have something they want or expect taken away from them. They fight to get what they can’t have or believe they deserve or are entitled to. Imagine someone saying to you: I’m not sure you qualify for our product. You’ll have to fill out the order form and await approval. Only a […]

Speaker Training & Coaching

February 13, 2017

Well, I am doing some speaker coaching and training for a friend. Helping a multi-million dollar enterprise make more sales, and improve their sales process. So, I have been thinking of all the things we must do as speakers and sales people. Almost like a check list. Strategy: The LIST of things you must do […]

Strategy: Use personal value and leverage to close

February 11, 2017

Leverage closing uses the power of a prospect’s values to sell to them. First, you must know their values and make purchasing the product or service not go against their values. Let’s say you pride yourself on being bright, intelligent, and making sound decisions. What kind of impact does the following statement/close make? “All the […]

Selling: Order Blank Close

February 5, 2017

One of the most effective closes is simply to begin entering the order information. No questions, no “yes” or “no,” just a casual start to filling in the order. Occasionally ask confirming questions (e.g., your name is …). Don’t say anything at the end, just hand over the order and pen. People love to complete […]

Selling: Minor Question Close

February 1, 2017

  The minor question close is similar to the alternative choice close. The difference is that you ask a processing question, not a choice of two orders. Here are some samples: Is your name spelled with an “F?” Do you want the extra service contract for 1 year or 2 years? Is delivery on Monday […]

Build a Sales Talk

January 10, 2017

So. Over time I developed a “format” for a 90 minute presentation (that sells). Section 1: Building Rapport and Setting the Stage Video/Creditability/Introduction. Directive Control. State the Problem. Hint and Lead to solution. Preframe questions. Frame the event. Rewards and Punishment. Drive home the pain. Attack the objections or their plans. Offer the solution. Your […]

Effective Design Elements

January 7, 2017

Key Elements of Effective Design Choose a clean, easily readable style typeface Don’t mix too many typestyles together Select a logo that is square, horizontally rectangle or circular for easier incorporation in materials of different sizes and uses Make effective use of graphics — an identifying graphic is a powerful communicator Add a descriptive phrase […]

Structure Comparison

January 5, 2017

  Sole Proprietor General Partnership Limited Partnership “C” Corporation “S” Corporation Business Type You are the one and only owner, usually the easiest to operate and establish. Best for part time business and businesses just starting up. Involves two or more owners.   Involves one or more limited partners and can have one or more […]

January Barometer

January 4, 2017

The January Barometer using data since 1950, and being around since 1972, when Stock Traders Almanac started toting “seasonal trends” SAYS….. “As the S&P 500 (SPX) goes in January so goes the market” It has been pretty accurate. Over a 85% correlation. So, many traders watch what happens for the month of January. To see […]

Business Structures

January 3, 2017

Sole Proprietorship A sole proprietorship is owned by an individual. Generally there is no need to file legal papers and all income is reported to the IRS on Schedule C of the individual’s 1040. The owner is personally responsible for the organization. Advantages Disadvantages Minimal legal and filing fees. Owner has direct control of company. […]

Dogs of the Dow

January 2, 2017

So. the dogs of the down has earned about 18 Percent since 1973 per year. Not bad. In particular since the stock market on average (for the last 100 years) earns about 7/8 percent per year. And it takes less than 60 seconds to find the stocks you should buy. Check out  Puppies of […]

Make Your Goals SMART!

January 1, 2017

Goal setting is GREAT, but make sure they are SMART! S. Specific, M. Measurable, A. Attainable, R. Relevant, or Realistic, T. Time. Targeted.  

Play the Name Game

January 1, 2017

Strategy: Use the name game to pick a name for your company and or product. I had the rare privilege of working with over 50 plus millionaires. One of them had a cool way of picking names for products. He showed it me one meeting, and I refined it into the NAME GAME. Recently a […]

Business Idea Checklist

December 31, 2016

A small business is determined as any business that grosses under $4 million per year!!  There are several options available for anyone considering small business ownership including: home-based businesses, franchises, network marketing and existing businesses for sale. For those interested in starting a home-based business, we have included some ideas for consideration. Start-Up Home-based Businesses […]

Changing a Belief

December 30, 2016

  Here is what you do to change your belief system. Yours or Thiers: Identify the negative belief. Create doubt that the belief is true, necessary or serves you. Create the opposite belief. Justify the opposite belief. Create a positive reward associated with the new belief. Another key element is to check and see if […]


December 19, 2016

One of my mentors was a gentleman name Charles J Givens. He is best know for his financial books: Wealth without Risk, More Wealth without Risk and Financial Self Defense. Many folks do not know, he wrote a Great Personal Development book, SuperSelf. My first year working with Chuck, I spent promoting his SuperSelf and […]

Using Leverage in Stocks

December 16, 2016

Leverage is the tool of the wealthy. Stocks have leverage. For example the following, types of trading has leverage: Stocks. If u have a margin brokerage account. You have 2:1 leverage. Options have 8-10:1 Leverage. Futures have 25:1 Leverage. Forex have 50:1 Leverage (sometimes more). When you learn how to trade, you can use Leverage […]

Cap Rates

December 15, 2016

Cap Rate Formula When you are evaluating commercial property (or any property for that matter), CAP Rate evaluation, can give you a strong comparative analysis. CAP rate measures, the income, price and return of an asset. When you have a couple of the elements, you can always figure out the rest. Therefore, if you know […]

7 Keys to Rehabbing

December 14, 2016

Well. I am going to tackle the topic of Rehabbing. Now realize that my hands are soft and have no rough spots. But there was a time, when I liked to get dirty, and could knock out a wall or caulk a bathtub with the best of them. Well maybe not caulk a bathtub. Now […]

GRM: Gross Rent Multiplie

December 13, 2016

Gross Rent Multiplier- GRM A great tool for estimating the value of properties. The GRM can give you an idea of what the property is worth, and or the income it should be producing. You require 2 pieces of information: Sales price, and the Potential Gross Income. If you have similar information of property in […]

Earn 6-8% per Month!

December 10, 2016

Discover How To Make Winning Trades, Generate Profit, and Easily Acquire The Skill-Set That Could Set You Financially Free for Life! Are you currently involved with the stock market? Maybe you’ve got some stocks. Maybe you manage an investment portfolio. Maybe you have an account with an online brokerage. Regardless of your level of involvement, […]

Christmas Trade

December 9, 2016

One my favorite trades. Due to the long history of an 9% increase in the DOW from Dec 1-Jan 15 for decades. We are going to buy a single call position (nothing to do with spreads), and play the up direction. Notes: Single Call position. One strike price in the money. Hold from Dec 1 […]

Peak Performance

December 8, 2016

  Strategy: Selling requires Passion, Excitement and exchange of positive emotions. We all know the value of keeping motivated. It is a key to success. If you can get yourself to take action, keep disciplined about prospecting, and focus, you will succeed. However, some people occasionally get off track or not motivated to take action. There is […]

Positive Replacement

December 6, 2016

One of my mentors, Charles Givens taught me this strategy, and it works. So try it. Some event happens in your life. A death, a financial debt, job loss, or a loss of loved one, or illness. We immediately come up with how this is going to negatively affect your life. We lament. We get […]

45/45/10 Investing

December 5, 2016

Strategy: 45/45/10 Investing People get greedy. People get sold on products and investments. People don’t think through their long term, short term, cash flow, growth, risk , reward, and speculation investments. Often getting caught up in the excitment or fear of the moment. After a few mistakes myself, and hundreds (if not thousands) of students, […]

Internet Business

November 27, 2016

Starting an Internet Business with limited funds The Internet is a wonderful opportunity to build a business with limited funds, and products. You can find the products on line, through vendors and affiliate programs. Then it is all marketing and selling. You should consider the following strategies: Strategy: Become an Affiliate for product you purchase […]

6 Keys to Selling

November 25, 2016

Can you think of the last time you purchased something? Was it a pleasant experience or a negative one? What was it that the person said or did that made you buy that product? How about the last time you chose not to buy something? Was it something the salesperson said or did not say? […]

Compounding Power!

November 10, 2016

The Power of Compounding What is compounding? Simply stated, it is the act of making money from the money you made on money, or interest on your interest. As with all investments, there can be calculated a definite rate of return that has already been realized over a period of time. Hopefully, you invest wisely […]

Growth: CANSLIM Investing

November 7, 2016

No one style of investing fits all people, but I subscribe to the 45/45/10 Investing Method. 45% of your investing should in CASH FLOW strategies, 45% growth strategies, 10% (or less) in high risk, high reward strategies. One of the first “systems” I learned in my twenties, was the CANSLIM method of investing. A system […]

Control Hallway Conversations

October 18, 2016

Strategy: Control the hallway discussions. As a speaker, you want to know what your audience is saying and thinking. Often, I will drop out to the hallways and participate in group conversations to gauge the temperature of the room and the people. It is easy to do; you wander to the washroom and then drop […]

Credit Repair 9

October 12, 2016

Strategy 9: Too Many Credit Inquires Too many inquires can hurt your score. So, don’t be shopping all the time! And depending on the type of credit, understand the affects. For Auto and Mortgages, keep all within 14 days. They are counted as ONE inquiry. Therefore, keep those inquires bunched together. Sourced at one time. […]

Credit Repair 8

September 12, 2016

Strategy 8: Keep your cards active. Too many card, misplaced, filed, lost or simply cannot keep track of them? Well having too many cards, that are unused can hurt your score. You may end up affecting your score by not using them, or they may even close your account, because of no activity. A problem. […]

Planning Your Presentation

August 22, 2016

Strategy: Format your presentation for maximum sales We use education to teach and sell. Does not matter what the end pitch is about: Stock, Real Estate or Small business. You have to get the message in the allotted time. Either 2 hours, or 2 days (yes, I know we do 3 days). But you have […]

Credit Repair 7

August 12, 2016

Strategy 7: Understanding the 30% on Multiple cards. Thirty percent is the right number, but you have to realize, it is each card, not the total percent. You need each card to be under thirty percent (30%). So, if you have multiple cards, it is a good idea, to “balance” them out. You will see […]

Buffet Approach

July 18, 2016

Warren Buffett What can you say, one of the greatest investors of all time. He always seems to pick up a great deal. In fact, that is one of his mantras, find good companies that are distressed by current conditions, and get a great price. Then watch them grow forever! He is seldom a seller […]

Leverage Tool of the Rich

July 15, 2016

I talk about the Wealth Wheel: Education, Cash Flow, Growth, Big Hits, Leverage, Taxes and Asset Protection. A key element to the Wealth Wheel is Leverage. The ability to take something small (capital, opportunity, energy or intellect) and leverage the item, into a huge result. Leverage is an important element to wealth, and even success. […]

Credit Repair 6

July 12, 2016

Strategy #6: A large purchase before a mortgage closing can cost you Mortgages are funny. A large purchase like a second car, just before closing can have a huge effect. Keep purchase for after you have the house and mortgage. It is common practice for lenders to review your credit just before the closing.

Motivating Comfortable People

June 23, 2016

Strategy: Moving the “Comfortable” prospect One of the biggest challenges, is motivating the person whom is successful and satisfied with their life and or plan. If I have a half million, a successful job, a property or two, and know a little about successful investing (IBD, Dogs, or some system), I am not that motived. […]

Credit Repair 5

June 12, 2016

Strategy #5: Too Much Credit…Great. A great Myth. In fact if you increase your credit limits over time, your score will likely go up! You must ensure your debt to credit ratio is lower than 30%, one of the ways to keep the ratio in balance and low, is to increase your credit. I know […]

Credit Spreads

June 8, 2016

One of my key stock trading strategies is Credit Spreads. Rather then pick the market for an up trend or down trend. I anticipate the market is going to go between a range (a high and a low). Actually the market can go up, down or sideways, and I still win. Now it takes a […]

Social Styles

May 15, 2016

Strategy: Social Styles There are basically 4 types of people in the world. They specific characteristics, and values. Ace of Clubs: o   Black: No emotion. Controlled. o   Slow Paced. Methodical. Long decision process. o   System oriented. o   Number 1 Value. Must be right. Can’t be wrong.   Ace of Spades: o   Black: No emotion. Controlled. […]

Credit Repair 4

May 12, 2016

Most folks do not realize, NOT using your credit cards, will make it difficult to build a strong credit history. Even worst, is NO credit. Many vendors, look at people with no credit as bigger risks, than folks with marginal credit ratings. Using your cards, will build comfort that you can handle credit. And lead […]

Wealth Wheel

May 10, 2016

In my teaching across the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore and Australia, I always start with the foundation of financial success, the WEALTH WHEEL. It is a simple concept, but it keeps us focused and on track. It does not matter if you start with real estate, a job, stocks or business, the wealth wheel concepts […]

Match their language

April 15, 2016

Strategy: Use Familiar Communication Patterns There are three primary communication patterns. In technical terms, they are known as sub-modality performances. Sub-modality relates to the preferred way of processing information. We prefer to see things, hear things or touch things. Sight: Some people would much rather see things. The visual pictures stimulate them. They store information […]

Credit Repair 3

April 12, 2016

Once you have the report, look for errors. Correct all information that is wrong. Common things to look for are: Social Security Number Address changes or incorrect Bankruptcy older than 10 years Delinquencies 7 years or more. Debts that are not yours. Duplication of accounts. Whether you are on line, or off line (paper), you […]

Control the Process

April 11, 2016

As a Speaker or Trainer you must Control the Environment! ? General Strategies: Plan the event down to the last detail and hand-out Sales team that interacts with students (they must build rapport) Create Reward/Punishment Interact at breaks between instructors, team and students Control the hall way discussions Intercept group leaders, and get them on […]

10% Can Make U Rich!

April 10, 2016

Do you think a person earning $20,000 per year can become a millionaire? Absolutely! Anyone can do anything they set their mind to it and if they develop a realistic plan and stick to it. Let’s take a look how. John is a hard working man earning $20,000 per year in his job. Through the […]

Strategy: Use third party endorsements.

March 28, 2016

One way to launch your product or service is through the use of distributors, professional organizations and associations. There are many organizations and associations that provide products and services to their members. Typically, the group will expect a special price or discount for their members. They may also want to share in the profit or […]

Sell Every Minute

March 24, 2016

Strategy: For each minute of your presentation, use 45 seconds of education and 15 seconds of sales steps. Now, a lot of you have a problem with this concept. You’re thinking: that’s too pushy, or I can’t sell every minute, or I will get terrible evaluations for selling too hard. I don’t mean you should […]

Top 5 Reasons People Fail in the Stock Market

March 15, 2016

Let me give you the top 5 reasons, people loose money in the stock market: Mistake Number 1: Trust Financial Experts. Experts? In fact this can be far from the truth. Yes, they passed a simple test, to get a license. But did you know on that test, there was NEVER a question about the […]

Building Rapport

February 15, 2016

To improve the rapport in your relationship, you may want to consider the following proven rapport-building tactics. Check them off to see what you are doing now, and what you can start incorporating into your conversations. Show gratitude for the appointment or order. Pass on compliments from associates. Avoid controversial topics such as war, politics […]

Best 6 Months to Invest

February 2, 2016

Alright I was not going to do this, but this is such a cool gem of information, I can’t resist telling you. There are several seasonal patterns, that are prevalent in the stock market. Yet, likely your financial expert, does not know them or even worst, they do and they don’t tell you about them. […]

Closing the Sale

January 15, 2016

They first person to Close, is yourself! Make sure you have the closing beliefs of a winner. I believe in my company and product. I can close anybody.
 I can sell everybody.
 I know dozens of closes. My price is justifiable.
 I need and deserve the sale.
 I am a great closer.
 NO need to […]

Small Business Grants

January 9, 2016

Small Business Grants There are 100’s of grants, loans and funding sources available for small business. Your goal should be to build a successful business, and look for additional funding for growth, improvement in technology, and exporting goods and services. Here are just a few examples of funding sources, from various sources (government, private and […]

17 Winning Strategies

January 1, 2016

Every generation should be better than the previous; passing on tips, tools, and philosophy. My grandfather was a dock worker, my dad a professor, my mum an accounts payable supervisor, and I am an entrepreneur. Here are some for consideration for Success: Enjoy the ride it is over before you know. Make time for: health, […]

I got Hacked!

December 30, 2015

So. for those of you that have been following me. Or checking in every once and a while. You noticed my web site, that has been around since 2010, disappeared for several days. And then, there were missing years of articles. Sorry about that. I was hacked. And lost all my articles. Unfortunately, I can […]