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Day 45: Dec expiration on the RUT

Some notes: Overnights. Asia flat. Europe is slightly up. The USA should be up slightly. 200/50 MA. Trending down 20/50 MA. trending down Support at 1650. Looks like it may go sideways. Resistance 1710. It was a flag down (big W-sideways). 68% continues down. And it did. Candlesticks. Sort of a harmi. But there is a good chance it will continue down. Profit taking. it is at the bottom third. 10:50 am. Positions: VPut 1400/1350 $ 1.80 (50 point spread). VCall 1870/1880 .30 cents. PS: what about NOV PUT? 1550/1500 is my spot. A little worried. [Read More Now...]

Pushing past Procrastination

Staying motivated and focused on your goals requires consistent effort and the right mindset. Here are seven steps to help you maintain your motivation and keep your eye on the prize: 1. Visualize Your Success: Start each day by taking a few moments to visualize the successful completion of your goals. This mental exercise creates a positive association and reinforces your commitment. 2. Set Clear and Achievable Goals: Break down your main objectives into smaller, actionable steps. This makes your goals feel more attainable and provides you [Read More Now...]

7 Steps for Writing an Ad

Crafting an effective ad requires a balance of creativity and strategy. Here’s a 7-step ad writing template to guide you: 1. Headline – Grab Attention:     Your headline is the first thing people see. Make it catchy, relevant, and engaging.     Use powerful words or phrases to draw readers in.    Examples:     “Unlock the Secrets of…”     “Discover the Power of…” 2. Subheadline – Expand Interest:     This [Read More Now...]

21 Steps to Stay On Track

Let’s break each of the seven key elements into three actionable steps: Visualize Your Success: Step 1: Find a quiet space each morning. Step 2: Close your eyes and vividly imagine yourself achieving your goal, feeling the emotions and observing the surroundings. Step 3: Anchor this vision with a physical action, like touching your heart or taking a deep breath, to reinforce the positive emotion. Set Clear and Achievable Goals: Step 1: Write down your primary goal. Step 2: Break this primary goal into smaller, monthly or weekly [Read More Now...]

21 action steps to success

Certainly! Let’s break each of those seven points into three actionable steps: Visualize Your Success: Step 1: Find a quiet space each morning. Step 2: Close your eyes and vividly imagine yourself achieving your goal, feeling the emotions and observing the surroundings. Step 3: Anchor this vision with a physical action, like touching your heart or taking a deep breath, to reinforce the positive emotion. Set Clear and Achievable Goals: Step 1: Write down your primary goal. Step 2: Break this primary goal into smaller, monthly or weekly [Read More Now...]

Storying Telling for Sales Presentation

Here’s a basic storytelling format for short 5-10 minute stories:  1. Introduction: – Setting: Describe the world or environment where the story takes place. This sets the tone and atmosphere for the listener. – Character Introduction: Briefly introduce the hero and any other essential characters. Give the audience a reason to care about them or connect with them.  2. Establishing the Problem: – Inciting Incident: Something happens that disrupts the hero’s regular life. This is the event that propels [Read More Now...]

“๐˜๐จ๐ฎ ๐‚๐š๐ง ๐ˆ๐Ÿ ๐˜๐จ๐ฎ ๐“๐ก๐ข๐ง๐ค ๐˜๐จ๐ฎ ๐‚๐š๐ง”

One of the many influential works by Norman Vincent Peale, had the chance to hear him speak, a few years before he passed. Great messages. He is a champion of the power of positive thinking. While the entire book is rich with insights and advice, I’ll distill some of its core messages. I’ll also provide an example of a successful person or celebrity who embodies each idea, where possible: 1. Believe in Yourself: Believe that you can overcome challenges and achieve your goals.    – Example: Elon Musk believed in the [Read More Now...]

7 Ways to Open a Presentation

We have been talking about using a STRONG directive question in our 90-minute presentation to open the chat, focus attention, and get audience agreement (immediately). If you are new to speaking and presenting that is one of the best strategies. I believe it is one of the first couple slides. How many of you would like to become and expert speaker and make millions of dollars or pounds, in only 1 or 2 hours a week? It is a GREAT open. And others service their purpose at different times. Here are a couple of examples: 1. Powerful Quote: Start [Read More Now...]

Day 45: Expire November Vertical Spead Options

Hi folks. Trade day for November Credit Spread options. Some notes: Seasonal Patterns? Well, usually, sept is a down month 67 percent of the time, and guess what. It was. We anticipated OCT-Mid jan up. But remember, technicals are more important. 200/50-day moving average is still on an uptrend although converging (going sideways, and may move to the downside). 20/5 day moving average. Down. Charting channeling sideways after a downtrend. So “flagging” to the downside. About 62-68 percent of the time this will go down. 32-38. [Read More Now...]

7 Time Hacks to focus on Dreams and Goals

Here are seven-time hacks to help you save time and concentrate on your goals, dreams, and objectives: 1. The Two-Minute Rule:    – Concept: If a task takes less than two minutes to complete, do it immediately.    – Benefit: Prevents small tasks from piling up and overwhelming you later.    – Example: Responding to an email that requires a short answer or putting dishes into the dishwasher right after use. 2. Time Blocking:    – Concept: Allocate specific blocks of time for [Read More Now...]

11 keys to Sell from Stage.

There are some critical ingredients to success in selling from the stage. Plan your presentation with these Gems from Jim: Rapport (Liking): Establishing rapport with your audience is crucial. Begin by relating to their experiences, showing genuine interest, and using humor or anecdotes to connect personally. People who like you and feel connected are more likely to be receptive to your message and products. Share similar values, words, and experiences. Match and Mirror. Authority: Demonstrating your expertise and credibility is essential. [Read More Now...]

Day 45: Sept expirations

Some quick notes 200/50 moving average up trending. 20/5 day average Up trending. Overnights Europe up, Asia mixed. chart: flagging or stair step. Candlestick pattern: Up candle today. pressing 1997. trying 1730/1740 for 30 cents. trying 2200/2250 for 1.50 Update: 11:30 am Vcall at 2200/2250 for 1.60. and VPut at 1750/1760 for 40 cents. PS: we are getting close to 2000 resistance. And keep in mind Aug expiration. If it gets to 2050, we may need to do an [Read More Now...]

Branding a Company

Recently, I have been considering doing another Seminar Company. Therefore, thinking about:  Mission of the company.  Domain names.  Company name.  Direct and indirect messages.  USP. Unique Selling Principle.  Distinction. Legal protection.  Potential logo (images).  Position in the market.  Thatโ€™s a lot for a company name, logo and domain name to convey. J So. Going over my notes, cheat sheets, and name game, to come up with the perfect name.  OK. Maybe version one names. [Read More Now...]

Faith? Yes!

Students (and friends) ask me occasionally about my Faith. Well I grew up in a catholic family. Going to church a lot when I was younger. Was even a Wise Man in the christmas play. That Wisdom thing stuck with me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of my close friends understand that more than the average person. But the catholic church was further away than the protestant church. Mum put me in the protestant church for a while. So I got different messages growing up. Hardcore and a little lighter. As a teenager, in high school I went to Sat night service, a little [Read More Now...]

Rut Trade Expiration Aug

Some quick notes: Overnight were mixed. Asia is up, Europe is a little down. 200/50 MA. Continues to fux. Up and down. Right now down, but getting ready to cross to the upside again. This when I am thinking about a Protective Put. The cause is crosses a few times, before eventually crashing or up. 20/5 ma is uptrending. Chart. Sort of 3 white soldiers. And then doji. Downward pressure. Could reverse. Beginning of sideways? could be. a flag. Escalator? Cande. doji Positions. 1640/50 for 30 cents. And want 2100/2150 for 1.50 (but not likely). So [Read More Now...]

Words are Magic!

Does not matter, if you are talking one on one, to group, or through some sort of marketing (Radio, Email, Website, or Landing pages). Words can compel action. Change an attitude. And Inspire people to action. itโ€™s easy powerful right strength proven results a real find achieve dynamic guaranteed covered winning product demonstrated love business health friends success great the absolute cool hard evidence simple benefit donโ€™t lose assure you proven brand new scientific dollars the best for your family feel good a treasure your home new [Read More Now...]

Credit Spread Trade-Rut Expiration July 2023

Some quick notes: 200/50-day moving average is up trending. Although it is crossing back and forth. This happens at significant reversal points. 20/5 day ma. is up-trending. Candlestick. Looks like bearish harmi today. Looks like 1830 for resistance and 1700 for support. Chart. a mess. Strong sideways action. Triple tops, and bottoms. Flag? Down? Longer term. Tested positions and got Update 1030am. Positions for July expirations Vcall at 2020/2030 for 30 cents. Vput 1530/40 for 30 cents. PS Summer months are slow. choppy. May 1 to Oct 31. [Read More Now...]

I Finish Strong!

In university, I had a project to interview runners and discuss their values, beliefs, and benefits of being a long-distance runner. Since I was a jock. In the physical education program and on the Football team. Even the Captain. I was a runner too. I saw running as a necessary evil. It was not my favorite activity. One of the more interesting interviews was with a 55-year-old man. That ran 5-10 miles every day. In fact, he challenged me to a “Run,” And he beat the shit out of me. :). Before the interview. During the interview, he [Read More Now...]

147 Money Making Ideas

Wrote this for a friend last year. Some ideas to make money on line. Benefit from assets. Rent or Sell. Sell on Ebay or Amazon. Improve ROI. Make your money make money. Get money for advice, or opinions. Rent your car. and MORE. ENJOY! Download now at 147 Ideas. [Read More Now...]

Seasonal Patterns

There are a number of seasonal patterns, that occur on a regular basis. Here are just a few: May 1 to Oct 31. The market tends to be flat and choppy. Ups and downs. Stats say the market (dow), will only move .4. Any time your ROI starts with a Point, is not good. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nov 1 to April 30. The market (dow) on average moves 7.4 percent up. Dec 1 through Jan 15 each year, the dow on average moves 9%. Since 1950. That is my Christmas TRADE. Wins a very high percentage. Oct is an up month generally. But most of the major crashes have happened in Oct. [Read More Now...]

Day 45: june expiration

Notes: So looking at around 1500 or less for 30 cents. And 1950 or above. 200/50 is crossing back and forth. was un uptrend, and now a downtrend. 20/5 day moving average is positive. 3 white soldiers (candle sticks). Look for what happens on day 4 (if u don’t know what that means, get some stock education). Charting. a bit of mess. triple bottom? W pattern. Flagging longer term? So that would indicate a future downtrend (62-68 percent of the time). Paper traded, filled at 1950/1960 for 35 and 1500/1490 for 30 cents. Overnight markets [Read More Now...]

Super Self!

I am a fairly positive person, but every once and a while, life events, or un foreseen issues, can get me down. Does not last long, cause, I will not let it. I have a number of “strategies” to keep me on track. Here are just a few for your consideration. Many from Charles J Givens book SuperSelf, SuperMind Strategy # 1: Interrupt the Pattern. Thoughts, can turn into physical responses, in your body. Stress, depression or frustration, can lead to physical responses in the body. SO interrupt the pattern, get away from the thoughts. [Read More Now...]

Day 45: May Expirations on RUT

Some notes: 200/50-day uptrending. 5/20 day downtrend. The flag pattern broke to the upside. Maybe an ugly W. double bottom. Kiss goodbye? Coming? Candlesticks. Strong up candle. Looking at 1500/1550 for 2.00. and 2040/2050 for 30 cents. Positions: Vcall 2040/2050 for 30 cents (example 10 contracts). Vput 1550/1500 for $ 2.00 (2 [Read More Now...]

Need Extra Cash? Check these Ideas out Now!

Need some quick cash. Can’t make the bills at the end of the month. Want some extra cash to invest? Consider these quick ideas to find cash: Cash Back on Credit Cards. Go to find the cards that give cash back. Sell Your College Books. Check out to get some quick cash. UBER, Ubereats or DoorDash. Make some extra income for delivering FOOD. Try OFFERS. And get paid. offers money to do surveys and referrals. Sell on EBAY. You old stuff, can be a treasure to someone else. Sell what [Read More Now...]

17 Foundational Principles

Every generation should be better than the previous; passing on tips, tools, strategies and philosophy. My grandfather was a dock worker, my dad a professor, my mum an accounts payable supervisor, and I am an entrepreneur. Here are some for consideration for Success: Enjoy the ride it is over before you know. Make time for: health, family, self, bucket list activities as well as success. Faith leads the way. Faith in god. Faith in self. Faith tomorrow is a brighter day. Dreaming belongs to everyone. Not just the young. In fact it keeps [Read More Now...]

21 Free or Inexpensive Marketing

21 Free or Inexpensive Advertising and Marketing Strategies I was teaching a business workshop recently, and someone asked, If you had a limitedbudget for marketing what would you do? Well, I have as an entrepreneur, had limitedbudget a few dozen times, and the following strategies have always served me well. They WORK! 1. Write articles about related information in publications (i.e., web sites, article submission sites, trade journals, newspapers, local papers and professional publications). 2. Contact your local community cable station [Read More Now...]

Gross Rent Multiplier

Gross Rent Multiplier- GRM A great tool for estimating the value of properties. The GRM can give you an idea of what the property is worth, and or the income it should be producing. You require 2 pieces of information: Sales price, and the Potential Gross Income. If you have similar information of property in area, you can estimate values. It does not really matter if you do the estimates on monthly or yearly bases. You just have to know the averages. The equation is fairly simple: GRM = Sales Price/Gross Income (done monthly or annually) [Read More Now...]

Day 45 March Expirations

Hey folks. Sorry for the delay in posting today. Traded this morning but been busy with some projects and meetings. Here you go. Notes: 200/50 Day Moving Average. is crossing to the upside. HOLLY Cross. Now don’t get too excited. This happens, and then it can go down. But it could continue to increase, and we would see a rally. 20/5 is up-trending. Charting? Either longer term stair step up. or perhaps, a head and shoulders. Candlesticks. Two FAT dojis, Downtrend today. Asia is down, and Europe is down. Like a downtrend today. 10:30am [Read More Now...]

11 Keys to Success and Prosperity

Dream Big. Make Smart Goals. Specific, measurable, and Action-oriented. Realistic and Targeted or Timed. Over the last 30-plus years, I spent time with 50 millionaires and 2 billionaires. All the folks I met, worked with, or interviewed had big dreams. They believe they are worth more than a 9-to-5 job. That there is more to life than working forty (or more) hours a week for forty years only to take a forty percent pay cut once theyโ€™ve reached retirement. These big dreamers are also prepared to risk money and time (acceptable and reasonable [Read More Now...]

Day 44 Feb expiration

Well. the market was closed on Monday. So, getting a slow start to the year of trading. But testing. Testing: Vcal 2030/2040 and VPut 1500/1450 (only 50-dollar spreads available). Some notes about the market: Asia and Europe are slightly up. Could it be choppy with a slight up bias? Chart. Sideways action. Doji and hammers. Support 1722, Resistance 1776. Choppy but looks like a downward flag. FILLED Vcall at 2030/2040 at 30 cents. Vput 1450/1500 at $2.00. Remember the Gross numbers need to balance 5 Vcall contracts (10 dollar spread), and 1 [Read More Now...]
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