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Sell to Desires, Dreams, and HOT Buttons

There are 10 major emotional benefits, that your product can be linked too. If you are a professional sales person, you have spent the time, coming up with key “phrases” and “sentences” to drive the point home.

Here is TAX example of taking something “boring” and linking to emotions.

Example: Product: Tax Connection Feature: 30-day plan for tax reduction

Benefit: Will reduce taxes by $200 – $2,000 in 30 days Intangibles (Desires):

  1. Family: Build security for your children through a tax plan.
  2. Wealth: Retire on the savings from your tax plan
  3. Health: You will save enough in the first 30 days to join a health club.
  4. Sex: If you save $2000 this year, could you go on the romantic vacation?
  5. Achievement: You will be the envy of your office.
  6. Peace of Mind: Imagine relaxing on a quiet beach with the refund you get back this year.
  7. Right: While others are making major mistakes with their taxes, you will have all the right answers.
  8. Security: The savings will help you retire comfortably.
  9. Adventure: What wild things could you do with the money?
  10. Acceptance: You don’t like to be left behind and with this program, you will join over 100,000 other wise Americans.

You will want to do the same with your products. In the space that follows, list your product, general features and the logical features of your product. Here are a few for consideration:

  • Your family can finally break the bondage of having to work for a living
  • The 7/7/7 plan could have you not working in less than 7 years.
  • I find, people that have a lot of money are less stressed about things.
  • Doesn’t your love one deserve a vacation, and some adventure.
  • You will be head and shoulders above everyone else.
  • Nothing like waking up and chilling out each day.
  • Don’t make 50k worth of mistakes when getting started.
  • Everyone needs to see: Europe, Asia, Australia. 

Spend time taking your feature and benefits and see how you sell to Emotions. 

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