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Words are Magic!

Does not matter, if you are talking one on one, to group, or through some sort of marketing (Radio, Email, Website, or Landing pages). Words can compel action. Change an attitude. And Inspire people to action.

itโ€™s easy powerful right strength
proven results a real find achieve dynamic
guaranteed covered winning product demonstrated
love business health friends
success great the absolute cool
hard evidence simple benefit donโ€™t lose
assure you proven brand new scientific
dollars the best for your family feel good
a treasure your home new effortless
scarce protected just released tested
gain discovered absolute โ€œxโ€ loved ones
ensure part of the team adventure save
power great deal excitement perfect logical
others have limited offer develop sounds good
imagine promise couldnโ€™t be wrong canโ€™t do without
miss out on outstanding first time makes sense
basic limited time covered at last
energetic without hesitation cool hot
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