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Day 45: Dec expiration on the RUT

Some notes:

  • Overnights. Asia flat. Europe is slightly up. The USA should be up slightly.
  • 200/50 MA. Trending down
  • 20/50 MA. trending down
  • Support at 1650. Looks like it may go sideways.
  • Resistance 1710.
  • It was a flag down (big W-sideways). 68% continues down. And it did.
  • Candlesticks. Sort of a harmi. But there is a good chance it will continue down. Profit taking. it is at the bottom third.

10:50 am. Positions: VPut 1400/1350 $ 1.80 (50 point spread). VCall 1870/1880 .30 cents.

PS: what about NOV PUT? 1550/1500 is my spot. A little worried. If it breaks 1650 (significantly). So if 1625 thinking about getting out. If it hits 1600 will get out. hoping for a bounce. Since Nov to Jan is usually up.

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