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Faith? Yes!

Students (and friends) ask me occasionally about my Faith. Well I grew up in a catholic family. Going to church a lot when I was younger. Was even a Wise Man in the christmas play. That Wisdom thing stuck with me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Some of my close friends understand that more than the average person.

But the catholic church was further away than the protestant church. Mum put me in the protestant church for a while. So I got different messages growing up. Hardcore and a little lighter.

As a teenager, in high school I went to Sat night service, a little more gear to the younger generation. Music too. ๐Ÿ™‚

In my twenties, I started to question God. Could not see him, as vengeful. Or the heaven and hell concept. Still believed. Still prayed. I was contemplating things like: Fate or Make Your future. Do you control or is someone else in control. Darwin or or 6 days. Yes day 7 off.

Someplace in there I read the book 3 magic words, plus a lot personal development books about the superconscious. In there I found my faith. In there, I stopped have a conflict of faith.

My belief, then became, is and will always be the following about FAITH:

  1. I have FAITH in GOD. There is a divine power, force or source. It works with us in life. OK. I know that sounds like the “Force”. But there are way too many events (small miracles) in my life, to say I just did this myself, and not enough to say, God did all the work. In fact one of favorite verses is “Faith with out works is dead” We work together to create the future. There are kinds of sub beliefs, guidelines and rules too. 1 a. Check out the universal unconscious concept.
  2. I have FAITH in SELF. I create my future. I control my direction. I am capable of incredible feats. I have a wonderful potential. I make it work. If I do the work, prepare, god will give me the opportunity.
  3. I have FAITH tomorrow is BRIGHTER day. We all have challenges. I have lost 680k on a property. Pawned stuff to make a mortgage payment. Lost an income stream. You have to believe tomorrow will be better. Your best days are head of you…. Always.

Whatever you believe. GREAT. Not trying to change anyone. Just make sure it support you in your life.

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