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Day45: jan expiration

Hey. The Christmas trade is off to a good start! But here is the Jan vertical trade:

  • 200/50-day moving average is still down trending. Although since the actual. price is above 50 and 200, should over the next little while move to breaking on the upside.
  • 20/5 day is up trending.
  • Chart. upside down head and shoulders. 1800 neck line. broke so should move up. remember the kiss good bye. so we may see a retracement back, then a major move up. or it could just continue.
  • candle. solid up pearcing pattern.
  • 1880 min resistance.
  • 1900 major resistance.
  • Support 1850 and 1800.
  • Looking at Vput below 1850.

10:53 am Filled: Vertical PUT at 1630/1640 at 30 cents. Remember you can generally be. more agressive with puts nov, dec and jan.

PS: NO vertical. Call.

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