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Christmas Trade

Is doing well. Remember we hold that trade, until jan 15. So getting out of the trade is coming up.

This was posted in the first week of DEC.

“Just looked at the Christmas:

  • March 15 2024 DIA Strke price 361 (one strike price in the money). 1 contract $11:15. SINGLE CALL option. Nothing to do with Vertical Spreads.

Just a reminder about the Christmas trade. Since 1950 the DOW (market) has gone up 9 percent during the period Dec 1 through Jan 15th. 9% is great, but if we use an option on the DOW (DIA) we can make more money. Often 30-80 percent. 8:1 leverage”

TODAY jan 11. We can get out for about $20.72 (Today). So up about 90 percent. We trust it will continue up. till the 15th. The system says to get on the 15th. No matter what.

But just some thoughts. We could on jan 15th put in a trailing stop. And let it ride a few more days, or up to 2 weeks. till the end of Jan. Then must get out because of decay in the last 45 days.

We also might consider a stop, in general. For example. IF IT DROPS TO 20 BUCKS, GET OUT. Which would guarantee profits. Up to you. I usually wait to the 15th and stick in a trailing stop. And try to squeeze out few more percent (run your wins long).

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