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Credit Spread Trade-Rut Expiration July 2023

Some quick notes:

  • 200/50-day moving average is up trending. Although it is crossing back and forth. This happens at significant reversal points.
  • 20/5 day ma. is up-trending.
  • Candlestick. Looks like bearish harmi today.
  • Looks like 1830 for resistance and 1700 for support.
  • Chart. a mess. Strong sideways action. Triple tops, and bottoms. Flag? Down? Longer term.
  • Tested positions and got

Update 1030am. Positions for July expirations Vcall at 2020/2030 for 30 cents. Vput 1530/40 for 30 cents.

PS Summer months are slow. choppy. May 1 to Oct 31. Sideways action.

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