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Pushing past Procrastination

Staying motivated and focused on your goals requires consistent effort and the right mindset. Here are seven steps to help you maintain your motivation and keep your eye on the prize: 1. Visualize Your Success: Start each day by taking a few moments to visualize the successful completion of your goals. This mental exercise creates a positive association and reinforces your commitment. 2. Set Clear and Achievable Goals: Break down your main objectives into smaller, actionable steps. This makes your goals feel more attainable and provides you [Read More Now...]

11 keys to Sell from Stage.

There are some critical ingredients to success in selling from the stage. Plan your presentation with these Gems from Jim: Rapport (Liking): Establishing rapport with your audience is crucial. Begin by relating to their experiences, showing genuine interest, and using humor or anecdotes to connect personally. People who like you and feel connected are more likely to be receptive to your message and products. Share similar values, words, and experiences. Match and Mirror. Authority: Demonstrating your expertise and credibility is essential. [Read More Now...]

First Person to Close

“Closing Patterns and Techniques: The first person to Close, is yourself! Make sure you have the closing beliefs of a winner. • I believe in my company and product. • I can close anybody.  • I can sell everybody.  • I know dozens of closes. • My price is justifiable.  • I need and deserve the sale.  • I am a great closer.  • NO need to call back, I’ll close the sale today. • I can deal with a variety of people.  • I’m confident.  • No shaking, waiver or stumble under pressure. • I have no weak points [Read More Now...]

Sell Yourself First!

Hey we all get a little lethargic, tired, or negative about life, or our company or our products. After all, if you hear 9 no’s, or reason people can’t do something, or negatives about a product. IT can affect you. ˜ Therefore, when ever you go into a sales situation, you have to clear your mind. Put aside the negatives, and re associates with the positives of you product, company and self. You can let little things take away your influence. For me, I use a word, that gets me in the right frame of mine. EPIC. In the next few moments, [Read More Now...]

Hidden Language

When I was in my 20’s, working in Brampton, Ontario, for Rogers Cable TV. I went to a hypnosis show. And because of my Superior Mind, decide I was going to get “hypnotized”. Actually, I was going up on stage, to prove to myself, I could not be influenced that way. Well. When I found myself, stripping on stage, and throwing my shirt into the audience. But for some reason, could not get the zipper of my pants down. No matter what I tried. Only to realize later, that was a hypnotic command. Suddenly, I realized, I could (and [Read More Now...]

Embedded Commands

Strategy: Buy…… Many people will use a few Embedded commands like Buy Now, Buy the Way, Buy Sunday, You make money when you BUY. First, realize that most folks will not catch this language pattern, but u can add some others to your presentation. Enjoy and steal a few J: ·    BUY this time tomorrow morning….. ·    Follow the process step BUY step….. ·    As I left the airplane, all I heard was BUY, BUY, BUY ·    Lets look at this deal, BUY the numbers. ·    [Read More Now...]

Framing the Close

Some folks go straight into their close. Some get the audience ready with a series of Agreement Frames (one of my favs). Things like: We have done a day and half. How many of you are being to see the opportunity in property?How many of you see that doing a half dozen HMO could get you financially free in less than 2 years?How many know in their heart that property the solution. It can get them to financial freedom?How many are truly committed to make a change in their lives, both themselves and your family?If u are truly committed. Truly know [Read More Now...]

Order Blank Close

One of the most effective closes is simply to begin entering the order information. No questions, no “yes” or “no,” just a casual start of filling in the order. In fact, one of my speakers, always carries an order form on a clip board. He often as he is talking to someone, just hands them, the clipboard with the order form on it, and says. You will know the right thing to do. If some one walks to the back table, I usually say to them “ just start filling out the top of the agreement and then we can talk about which program in a few [Read More Now...]

Leverage Value Close

Leverage closing uses the power of a prospect’s values to sell them. First, you must know their values. Second, decide if you are going to make a positive statement or a negative statement. Positive to point out the benefit of your products or services. Negative, how not purchasing the product or service go against their values (they will lose out). Let’s say you pride yourself on being intelligent and making sound decisions. This might be a Club personality. Someone who needs to correct/right.  OR a spade (driver) personality, who [Read More Now...]

Ben Franklin Close

Sales tip: Ben Franklin Close Ben Franklin Close (Do this as part of the Education plan). Here is an example from my stock pitch.  Ok. Pull out a blank sheet of paper. Put a line down the center. On the left side write, things I want to learn about trading,. Now help them with the list of things they need to learn about trading. On it should be; Credit Spreads!Butterfly’sIron Condors.SoftwareGainOptionsMoney managementAsset protection.Seasonal trading.Cash flowbetter retirementGive to my kidsTravelLifestyle On the other side. Write [Read More Now...]

Language For Making a Decision

There are certain words, that influence at a core level. Words that sell. You can actual find words that surround certain concepts, like making a decisions. In fact advertisers know, that “framing” their ads, pitch, and closing is very important, so often they use 34 types of Framing: LOSS. Showing what they will lose more than gain. Jay Abraham taught me this years ago, when he told me you have to sell to the negative.GAIN. Demonstrating personal or professional gains by making the decision.STATISTICS. 9 out 10 people do this. 50% are [Read More Now...]

Assumptive Style

Strategy: Develop an assumptive style Every question, comment, explanation, body movement and statement has a closing intent. It is almost an unconscious capacity; a deep inner knowledge that every action must bring you closer to the consummation of the sale. In isolating their skills and techniques, there are five major areas on which closers concentrate, either consciously or unconsciously. They are: AssumptionValue CreationObjection ReductionApplied PressureSequential Action Strategy Develop an assumptive style and language. From initial [Read More Now...]

Treat Yourself Close and Think it Over

Strategy: Use the “treat yourself” close if they are on the fence. Earlier, you read about the contrast close by the suit salesperson. When it came time to decide how many suits, if any, he used this close: If you are like most people, you look after everybody else’s needs first, before your own. I’ll bet you haven’t treated yourself to something you’ve wanted for a long time. Why don’t you be good to yourself today and buy one? After all, you deserve it! Strategy: Confront client for a decision to move forward. The moment of [Read More Now...]

The Power of YES

Listening to my friend Marshall Sylver, do a webinar, and heard “No one gets more by saying no, they get more buy saying yes”. So, what is he doing, well I have not talked to him, but I would suggest, he is creating a reward, buy saying YES, and reinforcing (Yes I deliberately but the word buy, instead of by in that sentence). Influence can happen at a subconscious level.   So how do you do use type of pattern. First, create a reward (or series of stacked rewards) associated with the word yes. Second, create pain with the word no [Read More Now...]

Staying in Peak State

I use to manage salespeople. Telemarketers, Direct door to door, and B2B sales folks. I would notice, when we first brought on new folks, they often did fantastic, but over weeks and months, their performance would drop off. Some of them if we could not correct the problem, we would have to terminate them. It perplexed me. Because often one or two of the new folks would be on the leader board for a month or two, then fall off. After working with these folks, and some times having to do exist interviews. I undercover a regular pattern. It [Read More Now...]

Body Language

Remember, body actions and gestures are not an exact science, but they offer helpful hints. When you think about evaluating people, you must take into account not just the body, but the voice and eyes (the window to the soul). Certainly analyzing your customer will help you, but more importantly consider your own body language. Does your voice break in the middle of your pitch? Do you look nervous when you talk about price? Find below common body language patterns and their interpretation:  Steeple hands (fingertips touching to make a [Read More Now...]

Hidden Problems and Desires

Sooner or later, every salesperson comes across a client who seems to have no apparent need for his/her product or service. In the majority of cases, it is not that the client does not have the need, but that they have forgotten about the need. They are simply unresponsive. (Usually a defense mechanism to avoid being sold.) Or, perhaps the client believes they are happy with an existing product. Your responsibility in this situation is to help the client remember his/her problems: to create some level of [Read More Now...]

Give the PROOF

Acceptance of Your Product or Benefit Once you have positioned your benefit, you will want to check and be sure it is accepted. The best way of ensuring your benefit is accepted is to use a test question immediately after the benefit is introduced. If the benefit is not acknowledged, you may have to provide proof or look for another, more powerful benefit to introduce. Strategy: Give acceptable proof if the customer is skeptical. If the prospect is not convinced, make sure you have professional backup or proof. Keep a list of clients. Keep [Read More Now...]

Control the Sales Process

Strategy: Keep control of the sales process. Imagine knowing the answer to every objection and every question. Imagine never being intimidated, flustered or lost. You know everything you say or do brings you closer to the sale. If you do, you are in complete control. The kind of control you must strive for in the sales call/process. To be in control, you must: Manage your personal emotions.Don’t freak out if they say no; have a response.Manage the emotions of your client.Keep them upbeat, positive, and agreeing with you.Respond to [Read More Now...]

Manage Peoples States

Strategy: Managing State Energy in a workshop ebbs and flows. But you are responsible for managing the energy or state of your students. If they are bored, emotionally down, non responsive, that is your fault, not the content. Either you have to liven up the presentation (group involvement, exercises, jokes, entertainment, or just management them physically). You might try grabbing a book, like Games Trainers Play, McGraw-Hill. Or one of these tactics. Stand up and stretch. Folks get tired or bored just sitting there. So, get them to [Read More Now...]

3 Day Checklist

Strategy: The LIST of things you must do and deal with in a workshop. Ok. I have been working with “newer” speakers. And it appears, a few of them (yes all of them), forget some of the little things, that cause issues and problems. One of them asked me for a checklist. Now intuitively over time, I have a mental checklist, but thought I would try and put it on paper. Build rapport in the first few minutes and hours. They must like you. Similar values, events, and life. Later you must build envy and link your success to education, [Read More Now...]

Pre Framing Success Actions

By using language you can create some indirect pressure by linking actions with success. The pattern is “Results” and then cause “Actions” (to get to results). Let me give you a few examples: Successful people always take action when opportunity presents itself.Only the Rich think about debt as an important goal in life.Goal driven folks never wait for success, they take action.The wealthy use systems for building long term wealth.The rich have asset protection to keep them safe.Wealthy people know the power of mentorship. They use [Read More Now...]

The Conditioning Close and Objections

Master sales professionals realize the power of habit and conditioning. Masters know if they can condition you to say “yes” time after time, when the close comes, you’ll be more likely to say “yes.” Usually they ask a series of easy and correct questions they know the answer to is “yes.” For example: Your name is Mr. Joe Jones? “Yes.”
You live at 123 ABC Street? “Yes.”
You have two children? “Yes.”
You are 55 years old? “Yes.”
You are married? “Yes.”
You are interested in [Read More Now...]

Establish Positive Emotional Anchors to Your Product

Strategy: Establish positive anchors to your product. The first step is to establish what emotions you need to attach to your product. I imagine you want people to feel the following about your product: ExcitementConfidenceLogicAnticipation Certainly there may be more emotions to attach to your product: pride, achievement, security, association, and others. In fact, we could have a hundred different emotions to attach to a product – the more, the better! The trick is to make the person feel these emotions and then link them to your product. [Read More Now...]

Create a Sense of Urgency

Strategy: Use an incentive to close the sale. People love to get something for free. It’s an unexpected bonus. In the incentive close, you feature all your regular benefits. You sell the person on your product, service or progress. At the end of the presentation, you give them a compelling reason to act today — a bonus or incentive. What additional incentives could you give your clients? Extra service (one month, six months)Better response (24 hours)10% price discount
2 for 1Extended termsFree relevant information The incentive may [Read More Now...]

Puppy Dog, Conditional, & Columbo Close

Strategy: Use the Puppy Dog Close. If you take the dog home, you own it. You are not likely to return it. Professionals know if the prospect will try it, 98% will keep it. That’s why guarantees work. Get your prospect to try it once — to take a sample, to give it a test. How can you apply the Puppy Dog Close in your business? A sample?A 30-day free trial?A money back guarantee? Think for a moment how you could get people to try your product. Strategy: Use the Conditional Close This is best used when you hear, “I need to talk to…” [Read More Now...]

Keep the Conversation Open and Free Flowing

Strategy: Use questions to keep the conversation open and free-flowing. General questions to discover the needs, motivation and desires of the prospect will aid in the sales process. At this point, your objective is to gain as much information as possible. Use questions that do not limit your client’s response. Keep the questions open in nature. Stay with the W questions or Tell Me questions. What are you looking for?Why do you need it now?Where else have you been looking?When do you need it?Tell me a little about what you are looking [Read More Now...]

Internal or Externally Motivated

Strategy: Understand the Internal vs External sorter When you are speaking with individuals it is important to realize how the “sort” information. How they value information and accept statements. Basically, there are 2 types of personal sorts. People either value their own opinion most, or other peoples opinions first. Perhaps even multiple “other” opinions. Personal opinions, and statistical information. External sorters are relative easy. Testimonials, and even your opinion are important to them in making a decision. They may need [Read More Now...]

Trial Closes and Statements

Sales Tip 79: Trial Closes and Statements I was getting all my sales material together, and found a book by my friend Ted Thomas. A small little book with some big GEMS. Ted is a master presenter and closer. He has been doing stages for over 30 years. We believe in trial closes, and position statements, so here are few of mine (and some paraphrased his): Who wants more gold in their future, than their past?How long did it take to learn your current job, do you really expect to master “X” in 3 short days?How many of you deserve to be [Read More Now...]

Minor Question Close

Strategy: Minor Question Close The minor question close is similar to the alternative choice close. The difference is that you ask a processing question, not a choice of two orders. Is your name spelled with an “F?” As you are filling out the order form.Do you want the extra service contract?Is delivery on Monday okay or would Tuesday be better?Did you want a red tie with the jacket?Did you want to full pay and get the bonus today?Are you using a credit card or check to pay for it?Which advanced course do you want to go to first? Buy [Read More Now...]
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