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Assumptive Selling

From initial contact to finalization of the sale, closers always exhibit an assumptive posture. It comes through in their statements, questions and attitude.

Ensure your language is positive and future pacing decisions.

Product, company, benefit and personal statements are always assumptive. There are no questions about doing business together, no “maybes” or “ifs”; it’s strictly assumption of business. Find below sample statements of a good closer and a poor one.

􀂾 Good Closers: After we finalize this small order, we’ll…

􀂾 Poor Closers: Do you want to go ahead?

􀂾 Good Closers: We will work well together on this project.

􀂾 Poor Closers: I look forward to working with you.

􀂾 Good Closers: Our company is the best in the market.

􀂾 Poor Closers: We are one of the best companies in the field.

Use Positive Language Like:

  • When you have enrolled in the program, your next step will be……
  • You are the type of person, we built this training for…..
  • With your personality you are perfect candidate for our Elite
  • You would not be here, if you were not thinking about changing your life
  • 95 percent satisfaction is proof our programs work for people
  • We are the rolls Royce of educational community
  • Only those truly committed having more gold in their future join us
  • Did you want to do the basic program, or have a mentor included?
  • Do you learn best by live instruction or on demand video?
  • Just start filling out the top part of the agreement and then we can ….
  • Time and money are excuses the real reason, is fear, let me……

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