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Dealing With Money Objections

Here are some language, phrases and questions that can help with the money objections:

  • A good question to start is always, a FINAL objection qualifier. “Let me ask you a question, if we can find the money for you, would you move ahead today?” Now they are tied down.
  • That is the exact reason you should do this program. To ensure you have more money in future than your past. You are working the 40/40/40 plan which does not get you to wealth. You must move to 7.7.7 plan.
  • Find the money. Well. Let us sit down, and let me see if I can help you find the money to move forward with your plans:
    • Borrow against.
    • Whole life insurance. Borrow.
    • Peer to Peer lending.
    • Love account. Friend or family member.
  • Future pace. Well let me ask you a question. How important is your retirement? Or walking away from working 40 hours a week? Wouldn’t it make sense to spend Money now, to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and have true financial freedom? To make as much money as you want? 250k a year or more. It is never about the Cost but the return.
  • Felt. Found. I understand why you feel that way, money is important. Lots of folks felt that way, before they started our program, but what they found is the program often pays for the education and more in the first year.
  • Summarize and Minimize. Remind of benefits and minimize. Well lets look at the big picture. You did say, you wanted better life style? You want to walk away form your job in the next few years? Correct? You know the stock market is not the answer unless u get educated. And you want more for your family. I know this seems, like a big investment right now, but in time it only a thousand dollars a year. In fact, if you have 2 credit cards, I can show you how to do this for a few hundred dollars, to get started. (2 credit card strategy—float). So, don’t you think the small investment, is worth your dreams in life.
  • Value proposition. Let me ask you a question. Is spending 20k worth getting back the rest of your life? To make 2 million dollars in the next 5-7 years.
  • Personal Testimonial. Man. I know what you mean. The first training I paid for was ….. X. It changed my life. Yes, I struggled to make the payments, and make it happen. But in the end, life is no longer a struggle because of this training. I would have paid double.
  • Break Work Bondage. I was taught to work hard. I am so thankful, this organization taught me how to work smart. Now I spend 1 hour a week, to make full time income. And you could have that too. But you have make the decision first. Get committed.
  • Left side and Right side thinking. That left side thinking (E/S). Do you really want to get to the right side (B/I). If you do. You must invest the time.
  • Ben Franklin close. Make a list of the benefits on one side. Price on the other. Are all these benefits, worth a sacrifice right now? If the answer is yes. You must come up with the money.
  • Is your job going to pay you 250-500 this year? If not, you must invest the money now.

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