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The Comfortable Person

One of the biggest challenges, is motivating the person whom is successful and satisfied with their life and or plan. If I have a half million, a successful job, a property or two, and know a little about successful investing (IBD, Dogs, or some system), I am not that motived. Now getting to their “Why” is important, but it more about motivation then why. In many cases they have most of their “Why” looked after. So, some tactics and ideas:

  • Reaching their full potential. Many of the most successful people are “coasting”. They are happy with life. Know they can make 150-300k working. Have a home, retirement. You have to tap that desire to succeed. The desire to me more. Pointing out they could be more, do more.
  •, let them know, time is short. 80 year close (80 boxes). Less time to do more. Their plan is good, not great.
  • So much more. Life could be a great adventure, NOT 40 hours a week. Travel. Toys. Expand their life box. What is on their wish list? If they had unlimited money, and time, what would they do?
  • Missing out. Things, you can do or successful people, that they can’t, because of more wealth. Take a year off. Vacation for 1 month. Send family to the school of their choice.
  • ROI. Straight mathematical comparison of numbers (their plan, versus a wealth plan). You should have a mind read of this person, and example of their life. So they can identify with the change.
  • Legacy to Kids. Passing on a “system” to the kids. Because if you do not pass along the system, they will work for a living. Not assets, but a system of wealth. Point out, that most assets, passed on to the next generation get eaten (not grown). Don’t just pass along a good work ethic.
  • Asset Protection. Loss of assets if no plan.
  • Giving Back. Social plans. Passing on wisdom. Using the money, for something, more than self. Perhaps teaching others.
  • Change/loss. Most people whom are comfortable in life, do not realize how a life event, can destroy, their plan and life. A good story for this the book, who moved my cheese (give as an assignment) or short review. Give examples such as:
  • Can destroy life.
  • Can destroy life.
  • Loss of Job. Can destroy life.
  • Stock Market Correction. Can destroy life.
  • Real Estate Bubble. Can destroy life.
  • Business Failure. Can destroy life.

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