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Dealing With Think it Over

Most of the time, “Let me think it over” is a stall tactic, and not the real reason, the person is not moving ahead. Usually, it is a sign, of: Doubt, Lack of Value or Fear. There are several ways you for you to deal with this statement, or objections. Lets look a few language patterns, that can make a major difference in your closing:

  • Question the statement. “you need to think about it?” Don’t say anything. Let them respond. Often they will tell you more information, which will allow to close.
  • I understand, but let me ask you one question? Was it the price holding you back? If no, what is the reason then?  Once u know the objection, deal with it.
  • I hear that every once and a while. But I know, waiting is normally, a function of: Value, Doubt or Fear. Which is it? If they say none, then ask, Well what is holding you back then?
  • “That’s ok. Taking your time, means you are seriously, considering the opportunity. Just for my benefit, what are you thinking over? The price, value, or time commitment?
  • Whether, it is now, later today or tomorrow, basically people make important decisions based on 3 questions. Do they want to do it? Can they afford it? And is now the time to take action? Perhaps you should asks those questions. Do you want to change your life? Can you afford? Is there really a reason to wait?
  • “Certainly, you can think it over, But while it is fresh on your mind, do you have any questions on how it works or if real estate is right for you? (turning think it over to a question you can answer).
  • (Columbo close). OK. Lets give, you some time to think about it. As they start to walk away… Say, hey just one more question. You know, I really want to be better at helping folks just like you, get on the path to wealth and happens, If there is one thing that is holding you back today what would it be?
  • Think it over is usually. Fear, Doubt, or Value. NOT enough value. So, you might ask a series of questions, like. Well do think real estate is for you? Do you want more gold in your future, than your past? Do you want to be your own boss? Well don’t you think, you should make a decision about your future life, now, not later?
  • Pre Frame (the promise). Look we are going to talk about your life, real estate, where you are and where you want to go. Can you make me a small promises, at the end of the discussion, I am going to ask you to make a decision, about your life. Can you promise me to make a decisions, either yes or no (not I will think it over).
  • Ask, in a curious tone of voice: “Mr. Prospect obviously you have a good reason for wanting to think it over. May I ask what it is; is it the money?” he will reply by saying one of two things. “Yes, I’m concerned about the money.” Or, he will say, “No, it’s not the money.” Allows you address how to afford it, or Well then, what is holding you back? Answer the REAL objection.
  • One of my mentors says, in life there is the Quick and the Dead. Iknow when folks say,  Iwant to think it over is a protective behavior, it either means, you don’t see the value, the price is too, high or their is a major reason, holding you back. I want you to me one of the successful people here, what is holding you back from success?

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