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Feel, Felt, Found Close

This is an old strategy, but a good one. Essentially, you are going to agree with the prospect, and then change their way of looking at the problem. Let us say, they are concerned about MONEY. The script might be some thing like.

  • I can understand how you feel that way. Some folks consider 30k a lot of money. In fact some of your student actually felt that way in the past. But once they joined our program and done a few deals, either wholesale or Lease with option to buy, this is what they found. The income and the big hits of cash, more than paid for the investment.
  • I understand how time might be a problem. Working 40-60 hours a week leave little time for life. Some folks that joined us, felt that way, when they started, but what they found is they can make 200k a year in less than 8 hours a week.

You can use Feel, felt and found, to close any objection.

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