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Puppy Dog, Conditional, & Columbo Close

Strategy: Use the Puppy Dog Close.

If you take the dog home, you own it. You are not likely to return it. Professionals know if the prospect will try it, 98% will keep it. That’s why guarantees work. Get your prospect to try it once — to take a sample, to give it a test. How can you apply the Puppy Dog Close in your business?

  • A sample?
  • A 30-day free trial?
  • A money back guarantee?

Think for a moment how you could get people to try your product.

Strategy: Use the Conditional Close

This is best used when you hear, “I need to talk to…” First you must tie down the prospect, then add a conditional statement. For example:

  • “If I understand you correctly, you’d move ahead if you had the approval of your partner?” “Yes.”
  • “Great, here is the order with a subject to partner approval clause.”

Remember, once people have the product or service they are more likely to keep the product. Whenever you hear “I need to talk to someone,” confirm his or her purchase and do the condition clause. By the way, if you can, you should contact the partner and use an alternative choice close.

  • “Your wife just bought a car, and I want to know if you want a two-door or four-door, red or blue.” “Thanks.”

Strategy: Use the Columbo Close.

Most people feel pressure when in a selling situation. After the presentation, they usually relax. This close relies on relaxation. At the end of the presentation, when you are sure you’ve lost the sale and you get up to leave, say:

  • “Now that we are all done, what was the real reason you didn’t buy?”

When you hear the reason, start reselling and close. More than one sale has been made when the prospect let down their guard and relaxed.

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