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Establish Positive Emotional Anchors to Your Product

Strategy: Establish positive anchors to your product.

The first step is to establish what emotions you need to attach to your product. I imagine you want people to feel the following about your product:

  • Excitement
  • Confidence
  • Logic
  • Anticipation

Certainly there may be more emotions to attach to your product: pride, achievement, security, association, and others. In fact, we could have a hundred different emotions to attach to a product – the more, the better! The trick is to make the person feel these emotions and then link them to your product. Here is an example of a script I have use in the past:

“A number of you are making an important decision. I know in the past you have made important decisions in your life. Can you think back to one of those decisions, now? Can you remember what you were thinking when you made that important decision, that worked out for you?”

As the people are thinking back I am holding my product in my hands, and might even be pointing to it.

Another way would be to tell a motivational story of the right decision, all the time holding the product in your hands. Example:

“I invested in a seminar a few years ago that changed my life.” Explain how, perhaps talking about how now you can give more to your children, parents or charity. The whole time, point to your product or hold it in your arms (like you were holding a baby).

The story, the emotion, the anchor will get linked to your product.

In the past, I sold a lot of book-and-tape packages. Most salespeople in this arena only pick up the product during their “formal” sales close. I held the product or pointed to it all the time – as I spoke about my love for my kids. As I talked about positive events in my life. As I told a story. When people laughed, I held the product to link as many positive emotions as possible to it.

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