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Ben Franklin Close

Sales tip: Ben Franklin Close

Ben Franklin Close (Do this as part of the Education plan). Here is an example from my stock pitch. 

Ok. Pull out a blank sheet of paper. Put a line down the center. On the left side write, things I want to learn about trading,. Now help them with the list of things they need to learn about trading. On it should be;

  • Credit Spreads!
  • Butterfly’s
  • Iron Condors.
  • Software
  • Gain
  • Options
  • Money management
  • Asset protection.
  • Seasonal trading.
  • Cash flow
  • better retirement
  • Give to my kids
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle

On the other side. Write obstacles. What are the things that hold you back? Don’t help them too much. But do address money, time & fear objections. Write these on top as they are brought up (when they give them too you): Time, Money Fear. Perhaps coach/mentor.

Write all the other ones they say toward the bottom (I am not smart, too late, too old,).

Step 1: take the bottom obstacles and cross them out, say these are just excuses. The real obstacle is fear.

Step 2: What really holds most people back are: Time, Money and Fear? So let’s talk about them for a minute.

Step 3: Time.

Man. If time is the issue, you no choice but to learn these strategies. They will set you FREE.

Second. It is a lie. The average American watches 5.3 hours per day of TV. You can find the time.

And really is a question of Value. Let me ask you this question. If I could guarantee you a pot of gold worth 2 million in the next year, if you attend a 3 day seminar in the next 6 months, how many people would find or make the time?

So let scratch that out. It is only about scheduling your success.

Step 4: Money

Actually you can’t afford to be with out it. If money is the problem, then you must have this education, and software. It will make the difference between being poor or rich.

Let me ask this question? Do you have kids? A loved one? Yes. Well, if one of them was ill and the difference between life and death was $10,000 dollars. Could you find it? Would you do everything in the world to get the money? Likely, you would:

  • Borrow against your life insurance.
  • Call your credit card, and get an increase.
  • Use your IRA money.
  • Sell some stuff on eBay

You would find a way. There is a difference between poor people and rich people Poor people hope for success, Rich people MUST succeed. If you really want something it becomes a MUST in your life. And the difference between hoping, and having is often the difference between, I want, and I must have. If you really want the 2 million you will find a way to come up with the money.

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