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Embedded Commands

Strategy: Buy……

Many people will use a few Embedded commands like Buy Now, Buy the Way, Buy Sunday, You make money when you BUY. First, realize that most folks will not catch this language pattern, but u can add some others to your presentation. Enjoy and steal a few J:

·    BUY this time tomorrow morning….. ·    Follow the process step BUY step….. ·    As I left the airplane, all I heard was BUY, BUY, BUY ·    Lets look at this deal, BUY the numbers. ·    Ok, we can send someone do a drive BUY ·    Year BUY year, people make mistakes. ·    People make mistakes, and get a trial BUY Fire. ·    I got rich, and If BUY magic. ·    Little BUY little, I improved. ·    Sitting there all BUY my self. ·    Play it BUY ear. ·    I have the play BUY play plan to success ·    Lets look at this deal, BUY the numbers. ·    BUY all means consider….. ·    Most people get BUY in life…. ·    BUY God, you have to do this…. ·    BUY fare the lease option, is one of my favorite strategies. ·    Let me run this BUY you….. ·    If you were siting BUY me…. ·    Let go BUY the property. ·    Some people were dragged BUY the scruff of the neck here. ·    I did not come BUY success, …… ·    BUY the same token.. ·    Live BUY your wits. ·    Buy the same token ·    Implied BUY law ·    BUY all accounts.. ·    BUY a show of hands….. ·    You can drop BUY a symposium any time. ·    Let us take you BUY the hand. ·    I live BUY the following rules. ·    BUY pass the failures, and get right to success. ·    We stand BUY, our guarantee. ·    You stick BUY ….. ·    Stop BUY the back table….. ·    I live in prosperity, BUY Choice. ·    BUY design, this program does….. ·    BUY a mile I love foreclosures. ·    One BUY one, you will go to the back and ……. ·    BUY the time we are done….. ·    BUY chance I found…. ·    Divide that number BUY two. ·    Imaging being ALL BUY yourself ·    Win BUY a nose…. ·    Play it BUY ear ·    BUY just a whisker, I won ·    It is hard to come BUY…. ·    Hang in there BUY a Thread ·    It is the most popular BUY Demand ·    BUY invitation only. ·    BUY comparison ·    We stand BUY our guarantee ·    I can’t sit BUY idly…. ·    BUY hook or crook you must do this.

There must a few of these you can start to use BUY the way. They are not that hard to come BUY. I did not come BUY these by accident. I worked to find them, little BUY little.

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