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2 Minute Warning!

We all believe we have lots of time left in the game. That we have the time, to work, make money, look after our family, and live a full life. But what if, that was not the case. What if, you got the bad news, life was going to be over SOON?! What would you do?

I have had these thoughts before, when my friend Adrian passed in my 30’s. That there may not be as much time, as you think. So. live in the moment, plan for tomorrow, but realize the joy is now.

So. Let us play a game. You have been given a death sentence (we all have one by the way), but less than 1 year to live. What do you do in the last 2 minutes of the game?

  • Give up? I hope not. Fold under the pressure of illness.
  • Press hard. Try to accomplish as much as possible?
  • Squeezing life into every moment?
  • Forgive all those who trespassed against you?
  • Make last minute preparations, so it is easier on family and friends.
  • Not tell anyone? Tell everyone?
  • Go out with a bang not a whimper?
  • Spend all the money you have earned?
  • Plan to pass along your wealth to others?
  • Pass along what your have learned?

Well I could not be sure, but I know for me, it likely would be Go out with a Bang. Do as much living, learning and teaching as possible. Passing along what I have learned. Give that last GREAT presentation or workshop. Make a video, that can change the lives of thousands of people. Write that book or 2 or 3.

How about you?

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