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Strategy: Incorporate a FREE newsletter to capture emails and provide a re-marketing opportunity.

One of the best strategies is to use free newsletters to capture a person’s email and provide the opportunity for repeat marketing. If fact you want to have a specific marketing plan for turning “prospects” (solicited emails) in to customers. 6-12 step processes to ensure you maximize the database. The steps may look like this:

  • Initial Contact. Respond to the first email with a thank you letter. The letter will highlight important features of the FREE newsletter and or you product and sight.
  • Step #1: Send out the first FREE newsletter. Ensure the newsletter is packed with valuable insights. Current articles. Valuable strategies. Useful tips. Also, ensure 2you profile your sight and or a product. Invite the client to come back and visit your site. Teaser grabber headlines work well to invite them back to read an article or see an up date on your site.
  • Step #2: Send a special unsolicited report. Some thing of value. 22 ways to cut your taxes in less than 30 minutes! Say thanks…come see my site again for more ……taxes.
  • Step #3: Send out the second FREE newsletter. Again ensure valuable information and tips of the topic.
  • Step #4:Send out a product or service announcement. Add a special offer there are about 10 offers that really work to get people to respond to an email direct offer (See Offer strategy)
  • Step #5: Send out the third FREE newsletter. Again valuable, current, topic and dynamic information they want to have and or use with their business. Nothing wrong with putting an add in the newsletter for them to visit you site again. Grabber headlines that are “hyperlinks” to your page work well here too!
  • Step #6: Ask for the order directly. You might have a paid newsletter subscription that you invite them to buy. You might have a special report or 50-page booklet you ask them to buy. It is OK to ask! You have given them good FREE advice ask for something in return.
  • Step #7: Send out the fourth FREE newsletter. Keep the content exciting. Not to long. Enough to tease them to want more. Invite them to the site read the balance of an article or get additional strategies on the topic.
  • Step #8: Ok. That is enough. Start to market hard now. Send them a strong email. Appeal to the law of reciprocation. We have been giving you this wonderful information, for us to continue we need your help and support. Use a strong offer.
  • NOTE: At this point you are reaching a point of diminishing return. You certainly can keep them on a FREE newsletter service. After all if they are in the newsletter database send one more email newsletter out does not cost you anything. But I would now just do the occasional offer, announcement, and press release to them and trust the “ads” in the FREE newsletter will over time wear them down in to buying something.
  • You might consider putting them in to a dormant file (newsletter only). This can segment “customers” and “non-buyers”. If you have marketed them 6-12 times, you might consider renting out this list. As it appears you have reach your threshold. Or consider doing a joint venture with someone else for products and services.
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