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Strategy 103: Start Using Google Plus NOW!

I am fairly new to Google Plus. Just started to build my profile, circles and use. Rather than try and figure it out myself, I went to friend of mine to tap his expertise #AlexMendossian He is quickly becoming the leading authority on Google plus, and he is a great internet and marketing guy.

I spend 3 days with him recently to learn how to a professional hangout. It rocked. 

Seeing the value in Google Plus and hangouts, never mind I a pretty sure Google will some how profile hangout, and plus users higher in the search criteria, just like they did with YouTube. It is a must for any on line internet marketer. 

So put a quick cheat sheet together of ideas, concepts and strategies for use for Google Plus. It is my plan. 

  • Start putting a link in all your social media areas for Google Plus. Include in blogs. Auto post in Google Plus. 
  • Start building โ€œcirclesโ€. Friendships, by topic. You might even consider building a community topic.
  • Join interesting and related circles. You will learn, and be able to comment. Even eventually leading your pages. 
  • Start to blog or micro blog on Google Plus. 
  • Post your own personal content, not just โ€œplusโ€ and comment on other peoples material.
  • Search for folks, gurus, topics that can support your business, and my already have the type of client you are looking to talk too. 
  • Develop a regular hangout top, time period and build viewer ship. I am into Financial Strategies. So building a financial network on Google Plus. 
  • Create a business and personal page. Do both.
  • Use # hashtags. They are like key words. The hash tag may be picked up by various searches. 
  • Like all social networks. Look for trending topics, comment, participate, link and re direct to your locations.
  • Pick the right post time. Or test. Find the optimal time to communicate. A lot of times, that is weekends or evening, if folks work. 
  • Create events and invite folks. Education. Hangout. Product review. Social networking. 
  • Involve people in your posts. 
  • Ask your circles to get the message out to people. Ask them to PLUS, and share your post. 
  • Ad Google Plus to: all bio info, email, blogs, brochures, any place there is a marketing opportunity. 
  • Something I just learned about is the Author Ranking. Start building your ranking. 
  • Check out the Google ripples feature too. Who is making ripples in your industry, or niche. 

The key, like anything, is to GET STARTED! 

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