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Get Your Credit Report for FREE. Once a Year.

There are basically 3 credit bureaus that track credit rating. Although all use different terms (beacon, emprica, Issac Risk), they basically track: amounts, payment history, activity, type of credit, days late, number of accounts, who gives your credit, if open, or closed, and use of credit. The 3 services are listed below:

Credit report accuracy is important as they contribute to your overall โ€œcredit scoreโ€.  There tends to be a number of mistakes on credit reporting history, some as simple as a spelling mistake of name, some as bad as the wrong accounts, and numbers for individuals. Best for you to check and make sure your accounts are accurate. Remove mistakes, and correct any wrong items. 

Once a year you have the right to ask for a free credit report. The big 3 (at the request of the Government) created www.annualcreditreport.comA free service. 

Credit reports do not give you your FICO score. The one score lenders use most often is the Fair Issac Consumer Organization score. You can find your FICO score atย

A paid service.ย 

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